The Grassroots Festival

  • Venue
    TBA - South & East
    • TBA
  • Date
    Fri, 5 Sep 20085th - 7th september
  • Attending
    • 1
  • Arising like a phoenix from the ashes of change, a new concept for the future of sound will be unleashed in the form of the electronic stage named the CIRCUIT TREE. Emerging from the depths of creativity, a stunning 28 hours of the worlds most educating and influential styles of dance, ambient and experimental electronic styles will be played throughout the weekend. This will take place within a glimmering structure; a 12 x 12m geo-dome, with a dedicated outside chill-out area including small tables, giant pillows, and soft lighting to help you relax when needed but close enough to be entertained by the sounds within the CIRCUIT TREE. Join the insurgence and become a part of the sonic revolution at this unforgettable festival, Grassroots and the Circuit Tree’s ‘education of sound’. We have gathered some of the finest established artists and DJ's and live artists. From such record labels as PLANET-MU, LOVELOVE RECORDS, RETOX RECORDS, HORSE PLAY, CACTUS ISLAND and DRIP DRY, just to name a few. A wonderful wild mix of musical madness and beauty, from spaced out sounds, blissed out ambient, techno, dub, breakcore, and tech house, be ready to relax or dance, to the music for some late night futuristic jackin’ under the stars or inside the dome….