Industry of Machines presents: Abdulla Rashim, Mike Parker, Echologist

  • RSVP: Tickets: Founded in late-2008 and one of the primary forced responsible for a very specific strain of music that has taken over clubs worldwide since its arrival, Prologue has without any doubt been instrumental in shaping the sound of contemporary techno. The label's influential early run of releases from Dino Sabatini, Giorgio Gigli, Cio D'or and drops from Lucy, Adam X, Milton Bradley, Iori, and others, made major contributions towards setting the tone for a generation of upcoming talent. Strong relationships with Mike Parker and Cassegrain have helped to assure Prologue's continued grip on contemporary techno, and a major coup was scored with the debut and album from Donato Dozzy and Neel's Voices from the Lake project, which sailed past the confines of the dance scene to widespread critical acclaim from music fans of many stripes. Since then, the label has been especially active on the album side with a rare full-length from Parker, a Brendon Moeller album under his Echologist guise, a recent effort from Scottish legend Edit Select, and an highly anticipated forthcoming Cassegrain long-player. As dancefloors continue to throb to the sounds Prologue helped to establish, it is no surprise that their grip on the scene remains strong. Abdulla Rashim is a relatively new entry into the world of deep techno and ambient electronics, having first appeared quite quietly on his own eponymous label in 2011 for the beginning of a series of increasingly abstract techno records. Prologue was quick to pick him out for a 12-inch in 2012, but the Swedish producer has primarily retained sole control over his work, dropping only two collaborative records on the also-acute Semantica before appearing with a lauded full-length on the Swedish experimental label Northern Electronics that took his sound further from the dancefloor than ever before. For listeners of our own sympathies at IofM, this turn was more the full realization of his potential than a sudden detour from the techno he had been making, and we feel that 'Unanimity' stands quite easily alongside the best electronic records of 2014 and are very much looking forward to hearing more from him along similar lines. After making a NYC debut last year at The Bunker, we're happy to welcome him back for a second appearance nicely timed to coincide with the increase his profile as seen since the album was released, and after witnessing his live set in Berlin we're sure he is just as impressive as the record suggests. A rare entry in the list of legitimate US techno legends not from Chicago, Detroit, or New York, Mike Parker has been working from his base in Buffalo producing an instantaneously-recognizable strain of deep, abstract, and hard techno that has changed little over the two decades it took other producers to catch up to it. His pre-techno music resume extends to 1988 as part of the experimental electronic and noise trio P. Children, and these influences are quite readily apparent in the atmospherics of his later work for the duration of his long career. 1994 saw the start of his duo Trybet, whose of-the-minute hard and rave-influenced tracks helped Parker to launch both his still-running label Geophone and his solo career. Like his music, it has been mostly heads-down ever since, and his recent career resurgence has more to do with shifting tides in the techno scene itself than it has to do with any great change on his part. Parker teaches visual art at university level and is responsible for the striking sleeves from the Geophone label and his own Prologue releases, and he has recently been using his own success to release work from other artists on his imprint, with appearances from Echologist, Voices from the Lake, and the quickly rising Stanislav Tolkachev serving to broaden the formerly singleminded vision. His appearance at IofM is only the most recent of many in New York, but as massive supporters of his work and his label, we're flattered to respectfully offer the stage to an artist whose singular work and reputation far precedes him. Another storied producer with deep roots in New York, South African expatriate Brendon Moeller arrived to notice in 2005 and has tenaciously held on ever since to surge to renewed prominence again. Brendon's releases and projects are really too numerous to name and have emerged in a steady stream on high-profile labels like Echocord, Third Ear, Mule, Electric Deluxe, Echospace, and more, with the Beat Pharmacy project recording prolifically for Deep Space Media in 2005-2009 before productions under his own name and Echologist took precedence later on. Most recently, his 2013 Prologue album 'Storming Heaven' announced a newer, rougher sound in his productions rooted in a return to analogue production methods, and he has been cementing his reputation further underground with releases on Plan B Recordings' offshoot Sublevel Sounds and Fred P's Soul People Music, as well as with collaborations with Certain Creatures and Clay Wilson that are forthcoming. After holding down the headlining spot on a stacked bill for our Styles Upon Styles showcase, we're proud to have him back for another live set, this time under his dubbier, more abstract Echologist alias, and based on other recent live sets we've heard from him we're quite sure he'll deliver the goods. Max McFerren is one of the more prominent producers and DJs from a recent bumper crop of new talent emerging from New York generally and Bushwick more specifically. Already having managed a number of releases on Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Shoot the Lobster, and Aery Metals, his sound has been evolving towards harder techno quite in line with IofM's own ideas, and a forthcoming entry on Physical Therapy's Allergy Season imprint promises to be the biggest thing yet for this upcoming talent. We've been very pleased with what we've heard from Max's studio, but for us his appearances behind the decks at Bossa Nova Civic Club and many other Bushwick locales have cemented his contribution towards advancing techno in Brooklyn closer to the scene-leading sounds of Berlin. His appearance at Industry of Machines opening for this lineup follows much internal discussion about finding him a place in one of our lineups, and he's as thrilled to play as we are to have him opening for once of the heaviest bills of talent we've yet presented.
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