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  • Fun Lovin’ Criminals to Appear in Court Smirnoff Orignal Nights to Launch New Nightlife Concept SILENT DISCO LIVE <DATE>The Smirnoff Co. is pleased to announce the latest ground-breaking addition to its Original Nights platform; Silent Disco Live, which will see Scooby Snackers Fun Lovin’ Criminals performing a one-off gig at The Royal Courts of Justice. An iconic London institution synonymous with silence, The Royal Courts has never played host to a rock concert in its 126 year history, but on Wednesday September 10th, the NYC-funksters will bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “Silence in Court.” As part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to celebrate progressive & forward-thinking nightlife, this event - which will bring the familiar Silent Disco format into the live arena - will mark the launch of a new, 10-month programme for Smirnoff Original Nights®. Following rave reviews at Glastonbury and the Massive Attack-curated Meltdown Festival on London’s SouthBank, the Smirnoff brand will be showcasing the Silent Disco technology with a very special set from favourite funksters Fun Lovin’ Criminals. Nick Mills from Smirnoff Original Nights commented: “Silent Disco is one of the most original nightlife concepts of recent years, allowing the audience to share an outwardly soundless musical experience by listening to DJs, and now live bands, via wireless headphones. In terms of soundproofing the live event with the Fun Lovin’ Criminals, the drummer will be in a totally soundproof box. As with other Silent Disco events, the sound is amplified 100% through the headphones and not speakers, meaning guitars and vocals won’t be audible to the crowd. It also means that the sound quality is actually better than that of a normal gig as noise pollution is taken out of the equation and everyone has the same sonic experience.” Despite their name, this will be the band’s first appearance at The Royal Courts of Justice. However, there will be no judge calling order over the 650 headphoned gig-goers lucky enough to get their hands on tickets. In a setting ordinarily associated with quiet and reserve, Fun Lovin’ Criminals will defy the establishment and redefine the gig experience through the legendary Silent Disco wireless headphones. The event will also feature Silent Disco resident and co-founder, dj OD, who has played all over the globe since inventing the concept with friend and fellow resident, NO dj in 2002. The Fun Lovin’ Criminals have been perfecting their eclectic brand of alternative rock since the release of their acclaimed debut album Come Find Yourself and its much-loved lead single Scooby Snacks. 13 years and five albums later, the band are still touring relentlessly and, fresh from a triumphant set on Glastonbury’s Jazz World stage, are back once again to add their names to a long list of exceptional performances that have taken place at Smirnoff Original Nights over the past couple of years. As ever, there will be tasty Smirnoff cocktails and guests will be served in unique ways , including a “silent bar” and “silent cocktails” in keeping with the theme for the night. Free tickets for the event will only be available via application on the new home for Original Nights at - - or through competitions in selected media.
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