Absurd Disko

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    Free Disco / Rong Music, Electric Mindz, Tokyo, London/ Oswald /Studiostillsoft, Bratislava-Prague-London / Biji /Studiostillsoft, Bratislava-Prague-London /
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  • NEXT THURSDAY (SEPTEMBER 4) IN EAST VILLAGE CLUB Oswald & Biji eastern European duo, played in Berlin’s Panorama Bar and Café Moskow present ABSURD DISKO party in East Village Club in Shoreditch. "With our Japanese friends widest collection of disco records we add to the strictly electronic club music taste strong feeling, which can take us to the evening of great happening of people coming to listen, drink, but dance to the beat. Cult tracks from all sorts of styles can establish the place, where we can DO IT EVERY WEEKEND starting up Thursdays with us in East Village Club. Let's see how it goes... " … hypnotic deep house, dark disco, electro-minimal-techno with magic vocals or when disco meets techno dj FREE DISCO - already accomplished composer, record collector and disco selector. Label Electric Minds will be releasing his single this October 2008 while Rong Music also release later on in the year.With remix from Stevie Kotey for b side of the EP “Hippe Can Dance With Boogie” creating a spacey disco excursion. Disco,House,Jazz,Latin,Rock,Oldclassic,Hiphop,Dub,Techno,even Experimental Music. His Unique set has already uploaded on his myspace then you can check it! GUEST : www.myspace.com/freediskoteka VISUAL: www.studiostillsoft.com AUDIO: www.oswald.studiostillsoft.com