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  • This months RTM sees the return of Spanish techno don, Alex Under. The man behind the Net 28 family - Apnea, CMYKmusik, Cyclical Tracks & Mupa - comes to Glasgow to impress the intimate Sub Club with his legendary Live set. As Slam are off touring in Brazil & Colombia this weekend, Percy X (Edit Select) will be standing in, providing the usual high standard of warm-up that the Sub Clubbers have become so accustomed to. Alex Under Alex Under confirmed himself as the new reality of the best international techno, sometimes being minimal and deep, sometimes hard and aggressive, but always original. He creates a sonic collage combining techno, trance and house elements while he constructs complex rhythms that arise from the dance floor taking the listeners to a higher level where emotions, depth, mind & body blend in a unique equation. Alex Under will intrigue beyond your perception... In 2005, Alex Under released his debut album ‘Dispositivos de mi Granja’ on the prestigious German label 'Trapez', where he had already released several very successful EP’s. In 2006 ‘Collage’ was released on Plus 8, Richie Hawtin's label. In October 2008 he is preparing Multiplicanciones3 (Apnea), his saga dedicated to the deepest techno, with an album planned for 2009. Percy X (Edit Select) Percy X has been producing electronic music since the early nineties, initially with friend Richard Miller under the moniker Havana for fellow Glasgow label Limbo. The Havana tracks ‘Shtoom’ and ‘Ethnic Prayer’ are cited as classics of this era. He has been part of the Soma family since 1994, his debut release was the highly rated ‘X-Tracks’. Since then he has consistently produced high calibre cuts including 4 albums, and many singles which include the Andy Weatherall collaboration ‘-3’ and the highly acclaimed ‘Track 2’ recorded under F2. ‘X-funk’, is another excellent release he made with an old friend Funk D’Void for Soma. He has also collaborated with good friend Mark Broom making a couple of his favourite tracks ‘Ladykiller’ + ‘Casiotone’, whilst remixing many of Europe’s best producers including Adam Beyer, Slam, Death In Vegas, The Rapture and many others. Acid house was the catalyst to kick start his DJ career in 1989 with Todd Terry’s ‘Black Riot’ and Richie Rich’s ‘Salsa House’, being the pivotal records. He has also maintained a highly successful residency in Glasgow club ‘Alaska’ with his GAIN night. Andrew Weatherall and Rolando were regular guests at the club, other guests have included Radioactive Man, Steve Bicknell, Mark Broom, The Hacker and Baby Ford… he has also played around most of the world DJing with his familiar teasing style, quoting Fabric London as his favourite club. Tony now runs ’Edit Select’ his own label which he started 2007.
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