Work 01 with Avatism [LIVE] - Hands Free

  • 6AM Group Presents WORK 01 with….. AVATISM – LIVE (Vakant, Life & Death) HANDS FREE (My Favorite Robot, Faceless) Support: JAMIE CHARLES JIA ANDREW HONG Advanced Tickets on RA: $10-15 RSVP Info: Discounted before 11:30pm General Admission: $20 Sounds by TrueChord Systems Location + Info: Los Globos 3040 W.Sunset Blvd 10pm-4am | 21+ ABOUT AVATISM: Thomas did not buy his first vinyl record when he was 10 years old, nor was he born out of the love of two underground jazz musicians. Despite an extremely dull and standard childhood during which he barely learned to play drums, his moody productions have been released on labels such as Vakant, Infiné and Haunt. Much to everyone’s surprise, his recently-released debut album “Adamant”, doom-laced live sets and collaborations have lead him to rise to similar popularity as other artists with more interesting biographies. “There’s always been a neat unpredictability about Avatism. From the muffled jazz shuffles of “The Slug” to the stark, synth-hammered “Farewell Portrait” to the darker, more mischievous “Constants”. While he clearly resides in the techno district, no one’s ever been able to pinpoint his exact address. But you get the impression that’s how he likes it.” (Dave Jenkins, 2013)
  • Work 01 with Avatism [LIVE] - Hands Free - Flyer front