From The Bottom #8 with Nail, Eric Cloutier, 7 Citizens

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    Eric Cloutier, US (Tanstaafl Records, The Bunker NY) Nail, UK (DiY Discs, Classic, Airdrop, Fear Of Flying, 89:Ghost, Mosaic, Robsoul, Shabby Doll) 7 Citizens, AT (Praterei, HUNDRED20, Wien) Johannes Beck (Kann, Mutual / Berlin) - LIVE! // KANN-Beyond-Pleasure-and-Pain-Album-Tour Kim Brown (JustAnotherBeat / Berlin) Marbod (lofile records / Berlin) H30H (30porumalinha / Berlin) feat. Wayne Snow (Tartelet, Comet) Départ & Lars Goldammer (Rivulet Records / Berlin)
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  • From the Bottom goes kind of international: as always we invited some old friends from the village and some of our own heros. First to mention is the british producer and DJ Nail. His records have been in our bags for quite a while and are nailin´ it everytime you play them, timeless house-music at its best. Eric Cloutier, former from Detroit, is living and working in Berlin since 2013 and has conquered our attention with his DJ-magic. With a light minimal-attitude he is able to mix as many different styles in house and techno as you can imagine. Coming from Vienna, 7citizens is one of the most magnificant parts of some of our favorite labels like PraterEi or LiveAtRobertJohnson and will bring some austrian housecharm into the night. Our friend Johannes Beck is presenting his new album on KANN, "Beoynd Pleasure and Pain" with a live-act, the lovestory about the two guys. Mr. Kim & Mr. Brown will continue as well and will be supported by our inhouse-Djs Depart & Lars Goldammer and the Berlin-faces Marbod & H30H.
  • From The Bottom #8 with Nail, Eric Cloutier, 7 Citizens - Flyer front
    From The Bottom #8 with Nail, Eric Cloutier, 7 Citizens - Flyer back