Killekill Club feat Netaudio Ping Pong

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    NETAUDIO PING PONG - interactive ping pong game. Someone Else (foundsound, unfoundsound) - live LOD (sinergy-networks, klitekture, Killekill) – dj AMANDA LOPEZ ( sinergy-networks ) - visuals ANDI SPARKS (After-Dinner/Netaudio London (DJ) Dr.Nojoke (live) (Archipel) J-Lab (live) (Alt Recordings, Metroline, After-Dinner)
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  • Netaudio ping pong is an interactive audio game based on 'run-around' table tennis. Players trigger loops from midi controllers for 4 bars before the opponent has to take over. The performance is set around a ping pong table equipped with electronic drum pads. Up to 12 players are invited to queue up on either side of the table. When the performance starts, each player has its turn to play music on the pads for 2-3 seconds. A control mechanism switches between the two sides of the table. Players gradually rotate around the ping pong table. The players aim to contribute towards a seamless musical mix. Players drops out from the performance if missing their term or playing to the dislike of the audience. Eventually there are only two players left performing the final. Prior to each session prospective players are encouraged to contribute sound, samples and loops to the game. these are then preloaded onto the drum-pad for the game.