Taragana Pyjarama (DK) with Dmtr.org (BRA)

  • An extremely innovative and creative musically country, Taragana Pyjarama project from Danish producer Nick Eriksen, presents as refined as chaotic music and described by some as 'a fairytale with absurd serious', such is the originality of the tracks. In Brazil, Nick is presented along with keyboardist Erik Lindkvist Thomsen, noted for its experience in improvisation in live sets, using moogs and other synths, and effects pedals. With remixes for bands such as The Delphic, Delorean and Miami Horror in the curriculum and debut EP, released by Fools House, acclaimed by critics for publications such as Spin, Pitchfork, Mixmag, DJ Mag and UK Uncut Magazine, Taragana Pyjarama comes the Multiplicidade in 2014 for an unprecedented performance. The presentation will feature projections of Brazilian visual artist Dimitre Lima, also known as Dmtr.org. Using numerical programming software made ​​by himself, his work combines art, design, music and code always in search of new methods, materials and techniques. Dimitre, in his first spell at the Festival, want to use light features and interactive 3D projection technology.
  • Taragana Pyjarama (DK) with Dmtr.org (BRA) - Flyer front
    Taragana Pyjarama (DK) with Dmtr.org (BRA) - Flyer back