Π03 with Answer Code Request, Morah & 3.14

  • The 3rd event of the π series presents the Berghain resident and main member of the Ostgut Ton roster; Answer Code Request. Patrick Gräser (a.k.a. ACR) is on his debut album tour and he couldn’t skip a visit to Athens. His album, ‘Code’, is already out since late June while his appearance in the Greek capital will be on Friday the 19th of September, at the open air stage of MAZE, along with support dj-sets by the local upcoming talent of Morah and the founder of the π events, 3.14. Save the date and get prepared for a long techno night. Η 3η 'π' βραδιά είναι γεγονός! Το π03 υποδέχεται ακόμα εναν Berghain resident, και βασικό καλλιτέχνη του roster της διάσημης Βερολινέζικης δισκογραφικής Ostgut Ton. O Answer Code Request βρίσκεται σε περιοδία για την κυκλοφορία του πρώτου του album, "Code", και δεν θα μπορούσε να μην επισκεφτεί την Ελληνική πρωτεύουσα και το MAZE. Την Παρασκευή 19 Σεπτεμβρίου λοιπον, Answer Code Request (ΑCR) στο ΜΑΖΕ, με support dj-sets από τον Morah, τον άνθρωπο πίσω από το Phormix project, και τον ιδρυτή των 'π' πάρτυ, 3.14. ACR [Ostgut Ton, MDR] When Answer Code Request’s first EP suddenly hit the shelves of Berlin’s seminal record store Hard Wax in 2011, speculation across the web took up instantly. Was this another incarnation of affiliated Techno stalwarts, like Marcel Dettmann or Shed? A lot of people were very sure it had to be, even if further discussion seemed to agree that the music contained on this mysterious 12” would mean a bold redesign, as it was quite a different beast. Sure, there was the industrial punch, heavy groove and fierce determination associated with the Berghain sound and Ostgut Ton’s artists, but then again there were so many unfamiliar layers and signatures. It merged Berlin’s Techno heritage with Detroit melancholia, the heyday of UK’s “Artificial Intelligence” and the rhythmic innovations of the most current bass music, and ended up with a sound original and fresh. A musical concept that was so significantly different to what was already happening, that it was indicating the fact that this was not an established artist testing new grounds, but a new artist emerging to be that very new ground, and nothing less. As the identity of the enigmatic producer behind Answer Code Request was revealed to be Patrick Gräser, at least some of the buzz was on the right path. Before Answer Code Request became his project to be in 2010, he spent his youth in the same small hometown near Berlin as Marcel Dettmann and Marcel Fengler, sharing their experiences of hitting the big city as a teenager, in search of the records and clubs that formed the tradition in the 90’s, then taking up DJing and producing shortly after, and sticking with it, and being successful with it as well. If you listen to the music of Answer Code Request, be it on his astonishing records, as accordingly astonishing live act, or in the shape of his diversified and tremendously executed DJ sets, it all fits together. It seems it only took Answer Code Request a bit longer to enter the spotlight because he wanted it that way. He waited until everything was perfect and ready to go. And then it took him way shorter than almost everybody else to break through, and stay, just because of that. From first public appearance to internationally acclaimed artist, performer and Berghain resident DJ, it only took Answer Code Request a year. Enough said. Morah [Phormix] Morah started djing from the tender age of 16 and he has been channeling this passion for the last decade. His mixing has as a common denominator, the electronic element. He is comfortable expanding the spectrum from dance techno, electro, and house to drones and experimental distorted sounds.He has played along big names such as Peter Van Hoesen, Helena Hauf, DJ Skirt, Sawf, Perceus Trax and more. He is the founder of Phormix and a member of Frequency control team in Athens. Ο Morah ξεκίνησε να παίζει μουσική στην ηλικία των 16 και ακολου8εί το πά8ος του για την μουσική την τελευταία δεκατία.Η μίξη του εχει ως κοινό παρονομαστή το ηλεκτρονικό στοιχείο.Το εύρος της μουσικής του εξαπλώνεται απο techno, electro, house και drones,με αδυναμια στον distorted ηχο καθώς επίσης και στο Φασμα τις πειραματικης σκηνης.Είναι ο ιδρυτής των Phormix πάρτυ στην Αθήνα. 3.14 [Modal Analysis, π] 3.14 is the alias project by one of the co-founders of Modal Analysis record label. Born and raised in Athens, he is currently based in Berlin, where he lives and works for the music industry. The man under the code-name 3.14 is a dj, a record label owner and a producer enthusiast. His aesthetic can vary from Techno, to deep, industrial and acid, blending over-produced and classic analog textures. He can also be found playing abstract/experimental sets. Το project 3.14 είναι μια δημιουργία ενος εκ των τριών συν-ιδιοκτητών της Αθηναϊκής δισκογραφικής εταιρίας Modal Analysis. O Alex, που βρίσκεται πίσω από τον κωδικό-όνομα 3.14, είναι dj, ανερχόμενος παραγωγός και ιδρυτής των 'π' parties με μουσικές επιρροές που εκτείνονται από την κλασσική αισθητική της Techno και Acid των 90s, σε πιο industrial και deep ακούσματα, και μέχρι τους πιο σκοτεινούς και επεξεργασμένους ήχους της σύγχρονης πειραματικής σκηνής. Έχοντας ζήση την ηλεκτρονική μουσική σκηνή του Βερολίνου,του Λονδίνου, και της Αθήνας, πλέον αποτελεί ενεργό μέλλος της Βερολινέζικης μουσικής βιομηχανίας.
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