Picnic presents One Night Stand with Simon Caldwell

  • THERE WILL BE TICKETS ON THE DOOR!!! PREPARE YOU'RE BODY & MIND WE ARE IN FOR A TREAT!!!!!! We’d like to introduce a close friend of ours who’s going to be playing at our next party. You might have heard his name whispered in the back room of a record store, scribbled on a club cubicle wall or mentioned on some private online forum for insider DJ goss. He’s one of Sydney dance music’s best kept secrets… until now. Nah but seriously, we’re swallowing our own heads with excitement to announce that this September we’ll be welcoming the legend of all legends back for his THIRD ONE NIGHT STAND APPEARANCE. More than two years later, it’s time for another night with SIMON CALDWELL spinning ALL NIGHT LONG. Part of Mad Racket and Sydney’s club music ambassador for the rest of the globe, Simon’s been making this city a better place to dance for more than two decades. Everyone who’s been around the local club scene for a bit has a story of how he’s turned the floor into a lava pit from track one or totally outclassed an international he’s supporting - Simon Caldwell is just a straight up weapon who consistently proves himself to be in a class of his own. His achievements on home soil are untouchable: 15 years of co-hosting one of Sydney’s most celebrated parties (Racket, der), opening for artists like Dixon, Theo Parrish and Andrew Weatherall, sweetening the FM airwaves with his long-running Sunset show on FBi… this town is his! This year has been a real biggy for Simon abroad, with his Euro summer visit landing him gigs with Jus-Ed (for his birthday, no less!), Session Victim, Iron Curtis, Red Rack’em, Dionne and Huerco S while in sunny Berlin. He even popped over to Russia to headline a show in St Petersburg! And now, as Caldwell returns from his international groove expedition, we will once again be graced with an eight hour journey from the best of the best. The last two are firmly cemented in Sydney clubbing folklore and there’s no question that round three will take us to new heights of dance. It’s a ONE NIGHT STAND with SIMON CALDWELL at the controls - ALL NIGHT LONG! NO LOCK OUTS / CHEAP BOOZE / BIG SOUND / GREAT TUNES / GREAT PEOPLE
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