Antime Labelnight / Kalipo 'Yaruto' Releaseparty

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    Kalipo LIVE (Album Releaseshow) Simon12345 LIVE (Doumen Records) Joney (Saturate Records/ Ill / Dj-Set) Unifono (LIVE) Midimúm (LIVE) ABIGAIL (ANTIME/Dj-Set)
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  • JUST BECAUSE WE'RE ANTIME DOESN'T MEAN WE'RE ANTIYOU. We're actually as pro-you as we are pro-fun (and hopefully a bit profound). Thus, we’d love you to join us at Urban Spree on September 19 for a very special event: The release of »Yaruto«, the debut album by Kalipo, who will perform one of his 100% analogue live sets this evening. His Antime label mates Midimúm and Unifono will also perform live while ABIGAIL will take over the decks. We will also be joined by Doumen's Simon12345, III’s Joney and, of course, hopefully you! *********************************************************** ●Kalipo (Live / Album Release Show / Antime) Kalipo is Jakob Häglsperger of Frittenbude who under his solo moniker devotes himself to experimental electronica. His debut album Yaruto follows a series of remixes and contributions to a compilations released by Stiff Little Spinners. On it, Häglsperger tries to create a both unique and timeless sound that takes cues from dance music, downbeat and Gamelan traditions alike. Making use of his wide array of analogue synthesizers, a Rhodes piano, a metallophone and guitars, Häglsperger is creating the abstract narrative of an impersonal biography by creating moods that correspond with certain stages of life as well as chopped up vocal samples. *********************************************************** ●Simon 12345 (Live / Doumen Records) Simon12345, (co-)founder of Doumen Records, part of Praezisa Rapid 3000 as well as Simon12345 & The Lazer twins, quoting one of his favourite quotes: "Hi, I am Simon12345 and this is probably my favourite quote: "I guess what I'm saying is that if our legacy is anything, I want it to be 'take everything in, use it, be unmarketable so the market itself has to change - we were just at the beginning, it's going to get easier. Besides, most people aren't going to like what you do anyway; everyone's right, let them be and shoot between the eyes. As far as it goes for us it was just cool that there were some people that liked what we did." - Youthmovies" - Simon12345 *********************************************************** ●Joney (Dj-Set / ill / Saturaterecords) His close association to the Golden Pudel Club and the Hanseatic crews named Eat The Beat and ill, both still gaining momentum with their involvement in any kind of underground activities, is seen as seal of quality by many of the cities punters.Since 2010, Joney has been releasing a broad variety of productions and remixes, ranging from jazz influenced drum and bass, to garage or glitch and trap influenced bass music, to house and techno club tunes. He has captured attention of labels like Boys Noize Records, Audiolith, Staatsakt and Saturate Records for his remix work and original productions, and is widely recognized as being an accurate sound designer and passionate performer. *********************************************************** ●Unifono (Live / Antime) Bavarian born musician Johannes Hertrich is a member of and the Folktronica duo Attune. »Reframing« collects five cuts from the two years in which Hertrich concentrated on his solo project Unifono. As Unifono, Hertrich showcases his talent for fusing complex polyrhythms with warm harmonies and catchy melodies. *********************************************************** ●Midimúm (Live / Antime) Martin Steer, founder of the Berlin Electronica Label Antime and Frittenbude guitarist moves with his solo project "Midimúm" at the boundaries of abstract techno and experimental guitar music. "Post everything". Always driven on the paths of wrong utopias and at the interface between analog and digital. Sci-Fi Sounds, Drone surfaces and Dark-Web-sampling are just as tricky Noise Beats and the distinctive distinctively ethereal voice to the elements of Midimúm's manic music. "Drown On Mars". Live, Midimúm deconstructes all his influences, thoughts and designs with a complex hardware and Modular Guitar Setup to create a unique performance on the brink of madness and loss of control beyond structures and opens minds. "A legal piracy of human hearts". *********************************************************** ●ABIGAIL (Dj-Set / Antime) *********************************************************** Visuals: Pupillendriller ***********************************************************
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