Hot Since 82 presents Taken

  • You are going to be taken. You will not know where you’re being taken. The lines between fact and fiction will become blurred. The one thing you do know is you captor… Hot Since 82. Since his inception, Hot Since 82 has pushed the boundaries of what is conceived possible for the underground scene. Whether it’s live orchestras, genre-deifying product or thought provoking videos. If there’s a box you’ll find him outside of it. Taken sees him enhance the clubbing experience. There will be a meeting point, blindfolds and a blacked out bus. What lies ahead is an all encompassing, bespoke Hot Since 82 party experience. Where what’s reality and hallucinatory merge. Who are you? Is the person next to you, really who you think they are? Where are you going? When will you return? You'll be taken from a central London location. You will not leave the city, but you won’t know where you are. You will have an unforgettable night. You will be released.
  • Hot Since 82 presents Taken - Flyer front
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