Don't: Halloween Slam with Paul Birken, Jerome Hill, Chris Moss Acid, Kirsti, Esther Ofei

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    Paul Birken - Live Machine only set !! (Communique, Don't) Chris Moss Acid (Mathematics, Don't - Live Acid Hardware set) Kirsti (Null & Void / Rinse FM) Esther Ofei (UglyFunk / Sheer / Neue Heimat) + Your resident, Jerome Hill
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  • TICKETS ON THE DOOR !! COME AND JOIN US ! IT'S GONNA BE LARGE :-) Long time Techno legend Paul Birken drops by from the states to play an exclusive date in London.. The first time since his debut, also at Don't 2, years ago.. Don't miss this chance to catch Paul's set in intimate surroundings with a fat sound system brought in especially !! Paul Birken has been releasing records on Don't since 2003 and was responsible for some of our all time favourite pieces of Techno in the mid 90's.. legendary EPs on Woody McBride's Communique Records. Since those days, Paul has demonstrated time and time again, his rare ability to make his machines sound almost like people.. He processes and Jams his synths and pedals beyond the point that most would be content with.. transforming those patterns into very human sounding expressions.. Nervous chattering, tortured squealing and thunderous groans, alongside his rock solid rhythm sections have long set him apart from his peers and he's currently enjoying a fresh renaissance with remix requests and attention from the new breed of Techno producers.. Chris Moss Acid is just about to drop a stinking slice of Acid on The Don't label and is gonna be playing us a live set from his Roland boxes .. TB303, TR707, SH101 + MPC and effects.. With recent releases on Mathematics, the label run by Jamal Moss and EPs for Shipwrec among others, this is set to be a scorcher and not for the faint hearted ! Kirsti runs the brilliant blog (soon to be record label !) that champions and pushes her picks of the best electronic music currently around. Her shows on Rinse FM propel the listener into some very forward thinking Techno, Electro and beyond where music that usually resides in the 'out of bounds' category for most radio shows becomes very much the main feature. On both her blog, her DJ sets and radio shows, The experimental weaves and melds with hefty warehouse bangers, and with a seemingly bottomless pit of music in her arsenal and able to adapt it fittingly to any situation, Kirsti was a logical choice to play the Don't Halloween party. Esther Ofei is someone who has been Part of the crew and playing the Real Techno around the UK and Europe for donkeys years... A core part of the Dagobah and Pure Filth crews hailing from the midlands not to mention rolling with Ugly Funk for many years during the 90's and 2000's - Really excited to announce that she will be closing the night with a banger of a set no doubt featuring many of own productions.
  • Don't: Halloween Slam with Paul Birken, Jerome Hill, Chris Moss Acid, Kirsti, Esther Ofei - Flyer front