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  • We return to Corsica Studios on November 7th for another infamous birthday mega-rave! Plex are back bringing the heat to Room 1 for their 8th birthday, with an unbelievable lineup of forward-thinking Techno headed up by the inimitable Ancient Methods who are one of the most distinctive and powerful voices in modern music. Joining them will be former UK Garage dons ( heheh ) Blacknecks, playing their first live London show exclusively for us. Expect heavy Techno strength with more than a little attitude! The always amazing Inigo Kennedy will be showing his indubitable wealth of skill on the decks and Power Vacuum head honcho Bintus makes his Plex debut spinning Techno, Acid, and whatever amazing new stuff he's got cooking. Opening proceedings one of our long-time heroes Donor flies in from The States; he'll be playing back-to-back with local London hero and guaranteed party smasher Truss. A bastion of Bristol's Techno community, Black Amiga will be playing his crushing new live set exclusively for us. Pulling all this mayhem together are your ever-reliable residents Luke Handsfree, James Tec and Skunkrock, playing individual sets throughout the night before a b2b2b2b2b sesssion as the PBT All Stars taking you all the way to 10am! BleeD take on Room 2 this time, and the lineup is as ridiculously immense as you've come to expect from them over the last four years. They're flying in the legendary Hieroglyphic Being from Chicago to play an extended set. A man with a singular and distinctive sound and DJ skill to match, we're looking forward to hearing him flex Corsica's second room for 3 hours. Charles Manier's last LP was one of the best and most keenly-awaited Techno records of recent times, he will be flying over from Michigan to play a debut set under the Manier name here at Corsica. The man like Ekoplekz will be playing a live set, filled with the auteur-curated sounds that have brought him so much regard. Long time ally and good friend of Plex and BleeD, Tengui will be drawing from his ever-high-quality selection including some forthcoming exclusives and with an LP about to drop on Broken20 and remixes in the pipeline, you'll definitely want to hear this! BleeD big man Volte-Face will be joining the dots before heading across to the PBT All Stars mayhem approaching 10am... We're very excited about our first collaborative party with London Bass-come-Techno monsters Them. These guys have been hosting some of the most powerful and prescient parties in the UK over the past few years, welcoming such illustrious guests as Perc, Shackleton and Clouds down to make the noise. They've pulled yet another special lineup together for this Plex / BleeD / Them mega-rave. Heading up the bill in Room 3 will be the much lauded and admired Randomer who's most recent records on L.I.E.S. and Russian Torrent have brought further praise for the Londoner. Joining him will be J. Tijn and joeFarr, two of the country's most upfront and rave-ready producers and DJs. Having heard J. Tijn make Fabric's Room 3 shudder the other week and heard joeFarr smash out a hell of a set at Bristol's Room237, we know you lot will be in for a treat. Rising star Ansome has been turning quite a few heads and pricking up ears with his startling new Techno flex, having been picked up by artists such as Rebekah and Paul Birken. Don't miss his peak time spot! In support will be Them favourites Waterworks and Altar, flexing the Room 3 Function One rig good and proper. Tickets have been flying out and we expect this to be another roadblock three-room smash up. We'll be running all the way to 10am in Room 1 so get yourselves ready for a big one! See you at the front left speaker :)
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