Playground III - Peace, Love, Unity, Respect

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    MAIN ARENA: The 3 hour team battle rematch: Team Rocket V Final Odyssey V IllFx The Executive records producer battle: Haze V Electrix V Antix Plus: Matrix V Spank, Suae V Weaver, Scape V Travis Tee V Jim Jams, Fenix V Fireblade (featuring the Playground MC Battle: Obi V Riddle), Dave Infinity V Joshua van Aalst Hosted by MC's: Obi, Destiny, Lee and Riddle PLAYGROUND ARENA: Exclusive Rock set with LIVE instruments! Refresh featuring Jase Plus: Tom-E V Sims, Oky V Nex Level, Aladdin V Cypha, Nexus Project, Crystal V Lilith, Duckie V Tokai, Marishka V Jayde, Ar-Bee V Finley Hosted by MC's: Bubble and Whiskey KINDERGARTEN ARENA: S-Dee V Jugins V Spinout, Force V Scotty G, Ryno V Focus, Raziel V Disturbance, LX V Du-Ken, Elwood V Rossco, Kasper, Chris-V V Mich Hosted by MC Fallen
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  • 53 DJ'S, 7 MC'S, 3 ARENAS... ARE YOU READY SYDNEY!!! That's right, last October Playground 2 saw stacks upon stacks of smiling, happy punters partying hard right till the last track was played as daylight crept through the windows and onto the dancefloor. With an incredible vibe spread throughout all three arenas, Playground 2 was one night that will live long in the memory of every punter who went. Now, the party you have all been asking for is back bigger and better! Buckle up Sydney and prepare for a ride like no other because this is your chance to experience one of the best nights you will have all year… THE PRODUCTION: No expense is being spared to bring you a very special Playground. All three arenas will feature an awesome setup each including wicked lasers plus intelligent lighting with moving heads and thumping sound! If you have been to any of our events in the past you will know the time and effort that is taken to get every detail just right and Playground 3 is no exception. We are going all out to make this one very special night for you! THE LASERS: Playground 3 will feature one of the biggest laser installations ever seen at an underground event! Without giving away too much there will be lasers with animated visuals set to create an amazing atmosphere to make this one of the best events this year! THE THEME: The theme for Playground 3 is school! If you want to, feel free to come along dressed in your current or old school uniform. We will be giving away prizes on the night including free CDs, glowsticks and more. Playground is all about having fun, so feel free to join in on the theme! MERCHANDISE: We will once again be selling a range of awesome merchandise at the stall selling water, sports drinks, CDs, glowsticks and heaps more! TICKETS: Tickets are available for just $33+bf from April 4th from these authorised outlets: ($25+bf) City: Central Station Records City: One Stop Deejay Castle Hill: Castle Records Chatswood: 10 Seconds Down Cronulla: Jolly Rogers Liverpool: Sandlia Music Parramatta: Leading Edge Pennant Hills: Ravens Nest Penrith: Leading Edge Warringah Mall: Mall Music VENUE INFO LINES: Call 1902 262 522 or 1902 226 664 after 6pm on the night Calls cost 55c/20 seconds (higher from mobiles and payphones) This event is one not to be missed, see you there!!!