Turf Carnival Afterparty: Secret Guest, Romare b2b Auntie Flo, Moxie, Afriquoi Dj

  • Facebook Event Page: www.fb.com/events/242695175939644 Carnival weekend has to be one of our favourite weekends of the year – lots of drinking, big soundsystems and sun-splashed music from around the world. The only problem is that when the music finishes at 7pm we’re left to wander home or make the weary journey down south or out east for something to do after. We don’t really like that bit so this year we’re bringing the Turf afterparty not just to the area, but to the heart of carnival. The Flyover, just off Portobello, has a big balcony, a full dancefloor and a well-stocked bar of cold beer and rum! We’re being joined by some of the DJs we admire the most. They will all be offering their own special take on the carnival flavour: // Special Guest // There’s not really too much we can say about this one! Our headliner will be a secret until the day itself, but be assured this guy/gal has had a formative influence on dance music for coming up to 20 years. // Romare b2b Auntie Flo // Two of our favourite producers – both renowned for the musicality of their productions and for taking African sounds and reworking them for the dancefloor. Playing back to back these guys are capable of putting together a musical journey that has feet stomping throughout. Romare – Down The Line: http://youtu.be/vzYbJQm9laM Auntie Flo – Highlife: http://youtu.be/3-91dlHgG2E // Moxie // Oh gosh. Moxie – cracking DJ, great radio host and quietly involved in producing some of the coolest events and media projects around. It’s a pleasure to finally have her to one of our parties, long delayed and long awaited. Check out her Boiler Room set below – every single track is a banger: http://youtu.be/o4SvYTTc8YM // Afriquoi (DJ) // We are absolutely convinced that there is not a single live show in the world that is more fun to go and see than Afriquoi right now. With a festival season involving huge shows everywhere from Glastonbury to Fusion in Germany, we’ve managed to lock down a DJ set from the guys behind the project. Check out their track Kudaushe below, and if you haven’t heard about them already then take note! Kudaushe: http://youtu.be/yD99b7PK8mo // Napper + Remi // Turf bosses warming things up with a typically eclectic selection of Funk, Hip-Hop, Disco and House. // Tickets // Please be aware that all tickets will sell out before the event itself and that there are only a limited number of tickets online. Once these are gone, that’s it! Early birds: £10 1st Release: £12.50 2nd Release: £15 3rd Release: £20 Ticket link>>> https://turf.ticketabc.com/events/TurfCarnival/ The venue is cash only so please bring enough to last you the night!
  • Turf Carnival Afterparty: Secret Guest, Romare b2b Auntie Flo, Moxie, Afriquoi Dj - Flyer front