Pukka Up Official Ibiza Reunion

  • So you''ve sampled a taste of Pukka Up Ibiza - now''s your chance to relive the moment back in the Uk when we return to our home shores of London and set sail the biggest vessel on the Thames for our 2008 infamous annual Ibiza Reunion Party!!!! (This boat is so big event the legendary Tower Bridge is raised in our honour)! Climb abroad the Original Pukka Up party which started in the capital back in 2002 beofre our sails had even reached the balearic sunset. Reunite with over 500 like-minded Ibiza clubbers and relive the dream as we show the capital how to throw a party - Ibiza style!!! Join the Pukka Up crew as we celebrate the end of another almighty season on the white isle; joining us will be the Pukka Up Ibiza Resisents, the Ibia Team, and the after-partyCops all abroad the last boat party of 2008!! Expcect the mainfeston decor, merchandie giveways plus a secret after-party as we continue to revolutionise the art of protesting!! Remeber.... "PROTESTORS CAN BE GLAMOROUS"! Get your tickets at TicketWeb.
  • Pukka Up Official Ibiza Reunion - Flyer front