Kolekti 002 - Day & Night

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    Tim Sweeney Kevin Yost (Live & Improvised) Lomez Elon Gil K + More tba Performance and Vocals by - Mr. Reed Performance and Vocals by - Vandana Jain Free Massages by Inhale Brooklyn Drums by - Drum & Luz Visuals by - Zarinka Food provided by - Knife Art performances, Installations and free massages! :) Custom analog Danley sound!!!
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  • on Saturday August 16th we come together for the second edition, bringing you the next KOLEKTive of eclectic artists across the worlds of music, visual, performance and culinary arts. Get ready to have your ears, eyes, hearts and taste-buds massaged by our team of inspiring artists…From the day, into the night... With love, KOLEKTi
  • Kolekti 002 - Day & Night - Flyer front