White Trash featuring D. Ramirez

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    • 55 London Road; Southampton; SO15 2AD; United Kingdom
  • Date
    Sat, 6 Sep 200810pm - 4am
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    D. Ramirez (Cream, Amnesia) Luka Pilato (White Trash) Liam Florey (White Trash)
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  • HEROES OF IBIZA WEEK FOUR featuring D. RAMIREZ ---------- Mainroom: White Trash featuring D. Ramirez D. Ramirez (Cream, Amnesia) Luka Pilato (White Trash) Liam Florey (White Trash) Round Four of the Heroes of Ibiza is definitely one of the biggest nights for dance music in the South Coast and a South Coast Debut for D. Ramirez on this very special Heroes of Ibiza edition. If you haven’t heard of at least one of D. Ramirez's productions, then you haven’t really been listening to house music. Perhaps the biggest name to hit Southampton in years D. Ramirez is a man who has become synonymous with funked-up, twisted tribal and electro house. D Ramirez's signature electro-tech sound has influenced a generation of producers - the remixer of the ground breaking BodyRox track 'Yeah Yeah' continues to produce gem after gem of house tracks on labels such as Toolroom and his own 'Slave' records. His remix of Bodyrox "Yeah Yeah" earned him “Essential New Tune” and countless buzz/hype/coolcuts number ones and also was UK top 40 chart smash coming in at number 5 while also being an underground anthem in the clubs. Definately one Hero not to miss! ---------- Doors open from 10 – 4am Dresscode: Stylish & To Impress Tax: £9 - £10 after – Tickets £6 Online – Free for E-Members before 11.30pm Limited exclusive V.I.P. bookings available For more info: w: www.junkclub.com e: [email protected] t: 02380335511
  • White Trash featuring D. Ramirez - Flyer front