L.I.E.S. Entering B.E.R.L.I.N

  • this Friday nite in the electronic mecca of europe we've been given a rare opportunity to present an entire night in Berlin at Panorama Bar. LIES Records News & Nation together combine forces for what will undoubtedly be a freeform session of unrestricted, under the table music. While many people have their pre-concieved notions of what house music is, what it should be and how it's to be played, we're here to throw in our two cents and present our collective vision. Taking cues from the masters of the past such as Ron Hardy, Larry Levan, and Baldelli who had no boundaries in the music they played, we hope to humbly continue in that fashion pushing that vision forward and expanding it into the modern day with our interpretation. Do not expect linear, fine line, conservative dance music...expect to have your mind fried,shredded and torn!!! Line up as follows featuring: Low Jack/Vereker tag team Beau Wanzer live EU debut Traxx Ron Morelli Marcos Cabral our TRUTH 2gether is DEADLY. think u can fuk wit it then step 2 the arena with the Gladiators.
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