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  • DJ Remy – for the FIRST TIME ever at Sugar Eartharea brings you the cream of classic veteran house-meisters with the addition of young talent. Tonight, two Dutch pioneers are reunited behind the decks as Eartharea resident, DJ Per, invites his buddy (and superstar DJ), Remy to lend a hand. Mr. Unger is well known as a RoXY resident, Silly Symphonies icon and more recently as one of the Armada offspring. Remy is a busy man, and we’re stoked that he found a window of spare time to fit us in. Mark this date in your agenda with red pen! Starting the night off will be DJ Flop - this talented youngster created a massive hype with his live-project Rauwkost, playing at big events like Mysteryland and Vollt in ‘07. We expect to hear a lot more from this man in the future.