H / A \ M presents Nguzunguzu

  • Los Angeles-based boy/girl duo Nguzunguzu are the perfect example of the wide-ranging nature of dance music these days. The producer and DJ tag-team consisting of Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda incorporate all kinds of club music genres into their sets, from Chicago juke to UK bass, from hi-tech house to reggaeton and cumbia, not to forget hip hop and r&b. With celebrated EPs on Fade To Mind, Innovative Leisure and Silverback Recordings, and Hippos In Tanks, Nguzunguzu created a buzz of enormous proportions, having tastemakers, music lovers, ravers and hipsters worldwide bite their nails for more. Fresh off the release of NA's solo debut Xtreme Tremble and three standout productions on Kelela's CUT 4 ME mixtape, NGUZUNGUZU deliver a collection of seven bio-mechanically engineered heavy-hitting club experiments. Enter the paranoid universe of Skycell; a game you don't know your playing, a hostile environment where your mind takes a vacation, but your body is in a cage. The songs of Skycell are built from air bursts, glimmering chimes, sunken bass, metallic scrapes, and industrial crashes. As the tension looms you begin to realize you are in an elevated jail cell with no bars, where your only escape is to free fall to your demise.
  • H / A \ M presents Nguzunguzu - Flyer front