Summerdaze & Box Of Kittens present...SID Lerock (Live)

  • We are taking a week of from the Summerdaze shenanigans and going back to the drawing board to plan the 4th instalment of the Summerdaze series! this time around we are collaborating with our friends at Box Of Kittens to bring you a day full fantastic music, tasty food, and beautiful arts! for this special event we redirect the Summerdaze caravan to Gossip Restaurant. those of you that were there at our season opening party know how amazing is the patio and how spectacular the views of the lake are! and since there are no noise restriction in the area, we have booked a killer custom sound system! Featuring: SID LEROCK (Live) - (My Favourite Robot / Beachcoma) supported by: MIKE GIBBS JAMIE KIDD LEELEE MISHI - 5000 sq ft patio with lake views - Gourmet food offering - Ample seating/lounging - Arts exhibitions & visuals by local artists - Visuals - Custom sound system by AlienInFlux - live stream by WAY OF ACTING hard tickets: Sliced Gourmet - 650 Bay St (Bay & Dundas area) Sandra Dalla Giustina @ 416 951 4212 Nabil Summerdaze Zakaria @ 416 720 6042 Jordana IbizaUnited Zakaria @ 416 720 2046 Mike Gibbs @ 416 879 7815 Jamie Kidd @ Emile [email protected] 905 599 5392 Vanessa Recine @ 416 768 8188 2014 Season events listing and official after party info: Summerdaze - in collaboration with: Box of Kittens - Sliced Gourmet - Way of Acting - Vitarock - Cabal -
  • Summerdaze & Box Of Kittens present...SID Lerock (Live) - Flyer front