The Poke

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    Ellen Allien (bpitch control, Berlin), CHRIS Clark (warp) - Live, DMX Krew (breakin/rephlex), Ceephax Acid Crew (breakin), Cylob (rephlex), John Power (furthur) GLOBAL GOON (rephlex/ ) - Live, LEKTROGIRL (rephlex/lektrolab), DIGITONAL (seed dj), LJ Kruzer (uncharted audio) - Live, OCTAVCAT - Live, SUN OV (f&s), Kone-R (uncharted audio)
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  • Berlin's Ellen Allien jets in to help us kickstart our new electro-acid-techno-whatever we feel like party at the wonderful Jacks, alongside an allstar lineup including the likes of Chris Clark, DMX Krew, Global Goon and Ceephax Acid Crew, guaranteed to keep the party going till the break of day. Advance tickets available from