SB White Label Party

  • The Star Of Bethnal Green has now well and truly laid its foundations by setting up some of the best music and arts nights around today. Robstar is known for pushing limits and the bar allows him to do just that... SB White, a new digital dance label from the long-serving SMOKEYBEATS promoters, continues its journey forward with yet another amazing artist vs artist collaboration, as it searches up and down the country looking for other like-minded producers and labels to join forces and push new music to the forefront of London's music scene... Paul Barkworth, the man behind SB White, says 'The label was created as a platform from which our music could be made available, but also to give new up and coming artists an opportunity to get their music out there. This is proving to be very successful not just here but across the world, where we thought we'd never, ever, get to reach. It's a great thing being able to promote your music and yourself as an artist in this way, and the bar has helped us put a foot on the ladder too by providing the means for which we can express our music and also to establish a positive profile that we can build on'. The music selectors will see an independent collective of DJs, musicians and music lovers dedicated to sourcing and selecting the most exquisite blend of Electro Disco and Tech Acid House, with a funkier edge... SB White is now very pleased to announce that this month we have teamed up with Reverso 68 and LSB's Pete Herbert for some summer grooves of Electro Disco. Pete is very busy at present with his production, with his music coming out on Eskimo Recordings, Music for Dreams, and Barcelona's Superdiscoteca. He's a frequent visitor to the spanish city with Baby G, his collaborative partner for his LSB outfit, and also is enjoying a solo residenciy at Fabric - not bad for a one time proprietor of the infamous Atlas Records shop in Soho. As Pete is now on his second album, we are very lucky to get him in for our special summer SB White Party in August. SB White will also showcase local students showing off the art of moving imagery in today's digital world... Great Music Can Wear Many Masks!
  • SB White Label Party - Flyer front