Mister Sunday

  • **If it is the day of the party the event listing may read "Tickets are not available". Unless otherwise noted on this page, tickets will likely still be available at the door. Just get there early to be sure.** Mister Sunday happens in a courtyard between two beautiful buildings in Industry City, a complex of old warehouses at the foot of Sunset Park in Brooklyn. There are birch trees, garden lights strung from end to end, plenty of tables and chairs, indoor bathrooms and a dancefloor that's at least two times the size of the one at Gowanus Grove. We're keeping plenty of things just the way they always were: Country Boys will be serving tacos and huaraches; the party will still be all ages; you can still bring your dog; Eamon and Justin will play records from beginning to end; and we'll have sangria, limonata, Mexican Coke, and a bunch of Brooklyn-brewed beers at the bar. Our hours are from 3pm to 9pm. It'll cost $15 as usual, but we sell a limited number of $10 advance tickets. The address for the courtyard entrance is 644 2nd Ave, Brooklyn. That's all for now! We're really looking forward to hanging with you in the great outdoors again. Until then! _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ A FEW RULES FOR OUR DANCEFLOOR: 1. Please don't take photos. 2. Please don't smoke. 3. Please don't text or make calls or any of that stuff. You can do all these things off of the dancefloor, but when you're inside the speakers, get down. HOW TO GET TO US If you want to use Google Maps to get directions, the closest address to our entrance is 644 2nd Ave, Brooklyn. The N, R and D trains stop at 36th Street, two blocks from the party. Both the N and D run express, even on the weekend. It takes less than ten minutes to get here from Atlantic Terminal on both of those trains. The R train runs local and connects with the F and G at 4th Ave and 9th. If you're riding a bike, the easiest, safest way is to use 5th Avenue. Once you get to 36th Street, just go down the hill, and you're a three-block coast away. OTHER IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT SUNDAYS Kids under 18 go free with as long as they're accompanied by a grown-up, and dogs are welcome as long as they're on a leash. We take credit cards at the bar. No outside drinks are allowed, but fear not: we have beer, sangria, water, and lemonade. In order to drink beer and sangria, you'll need a wristband. You'll be given a wristband at the door as long as your ID says you're of age. The music ends at 9pm, and we close the space at 10pm on the nose. Before you leave, please throw all your trash and recycling in the appropriate bins so the neighbors' front stoops aren't junked up, and on your way home, keep your voices low so that the folks in the neighborhood can have a little peace and quiet. They're really nice for having us around, and we want to stay in their good graces so we can keep bringing you Mister Sunday. Finally, have an awesome time.
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