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    • 578 Kingsland Rd; Dalston; London E8 4AH; United Kingdom
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    Fri, 18 Jul 201420:00 - 03:00
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  • Immerse yourself on FLUID, a night of Electro, Techno and Industrial. Djs: No Alias (Big Bang) DVNT (Darkfloor Sound) Pete (Slimelight) Under Konstruktion / Dj Fe (Antagony London and Fluid) No Alias: No Alias has spent the last few years straying into splintered and broken frequency ranges after a long career as an Industrial Noise DJ but for the last few years has been dipping his toes back into more traditional 4x4 beats. Expect Industrial influenced Techno broken down with minimal soundscapes, just close your eyes and reverbrate to the beat. DVNT: http://darkfloor.co.uk/ http://www.mixcloud.com/darkfloor/ Pete: Under Konstruktion / Dj Fe: Fe fronts the Dark Techno project Under Konstruktion. He is also a member of the experimental noise group For Your Own Safety. Fe is been djing in London since 2006, playing a variety of Minimal, Electro, Industrial, Electronica and Techno through the times. In 2009 he was a resident dj at Antagony London. Since then he is been playing in several event like KAOS, INTERZONE, THE ICEBREAKER PT.II, T.A.C., ABATTOIR, ROSA DECIDUA II and LUMIERE BLEUE in Leipzig Under Konstruktion is currently based in London, UK. Under Konstruktion has been performing live from 2011 playing live in several nights in London and Berlin. http://www.mixcloud.com/underkonstruktion/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Under-Konstruktion-Dj-Fe/218400318172320?fref=ts
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