The Spectral Residency featuring Osborne

  • Last month’s VOLATL/Sonotheque’ event featured Sonja Moonear from Perlon, Kompakt and Kelk Pets on the decks. After two successful events featuring top notch talent we are proud to bring you Osborne from Spectral Sound. He has been championed across the board, by everyone from Gilles Peterson to Aphex Twin (he records as Soundmurderer for his Rephlex label), from UR’s Mad Mike to Warp’s Flying Lotus. Expect another fantastic night of intelligent dance music that is sure to move your body and your soul. The night will also feature a rotating VOLATL tm artist at each show, who will add a different flavor to each show, with their greatly varying, yet sophisticated, musical sensibilities. Osborne– Spectral Sound, Ghostly International [Detroit] There are lots of stories about DJ and producer Todd Osborne They are, unfortunately for your ego and ours, all true. Our Lego-sculpting, electron microscope-owning, Japanese-speaking uber-producer puts his joy of life and the art of making into his music. Todd fixes and flies planes, has fabricated a video game kiosk out of hospital equipment, and is finishing his hovercraft as we write this. We could call him house music’s Macgyver, but that would be obvious. I guess we just did. Todd has been championed across the board, by everyone from Gilles Peterson to Aphex Twin (he records as Soundmurderer for his Rephlex label), from UR’s Mad Mike to Warp’s Flying Lotus. But such accolades should be taken lightly? After all, Todd just wants to have a little fun and get some time in on the dance floor Lady D - D’lectable Music, Superjane [Chicago] Lady D marries the classic house tracks of Chicago’s past with the choicest four-to-the-floor stomps of today, and always throws down a soulful and sinful set. Influenced by legends and encouraged by House veterans, The Chicago House scene would be incomplete without Lady D, as stated by Known widely as Chicago's Queen of House Music, Darlene Jackson aka Lady D has been rocking dance floors nationally and internationally since 1995. She has played such places as Moscow, Germany, Mexico, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Thailand and extensively across the USA. Recognized for her top-notch A&R, production and remixing talents as owner of D'lectable Music, Lady D is respected industry-wide for releasing some of the hottest records in House music over the past three years. Lady D has represented for Chicago House Music on film (the Godfather of Disco, Girl The Movie, Channel 4-UK), television (Metro TV-NYC, CLTV, WGN, Hot Wax), radio (Q101, Chicago Public Radio, KTUH-Honolulu, Vibe FM-UK) and print-this media darling has been featured in such mags as Billboard, Spin, International DJ, Red Eye/Metromix, The Chicago Tribune, Time Out, UR Chicago, Chicago Scene, Venus, DMA, 5 Mag and most recently the April 2008 issue of Chicago Magazine. You can currently catch Lady D hosting and producing her own show on Chicago Public Radio's newest station, WBEW-89.5 FM, Dave Powers – Live PA - Klectik, Hej, Blazaebla [Chicago] Dave Powers is a forward thinking and innovative producer, composer, keyboardist, and DJ. Born in Zaragoza, Spain, Dave grew up in Michigan and programmed his first drum machine at the age of 11. A self taught jazz musician, he was playing jazz professionally by the age of 15, and went on to receive training in music composition and classical piano. His sound has been inspired by musicians as wide ranging as John Coltrane, Thelonius Monk, Mozart, John Cage, Prince, and Kraftwerk. In 1999 and 2000, now known as Cyborg K, Dave got his first taste of the high of playing Detroit warehouse parties. These underground events turned his love of techno music into an insatiable passion. During this time, he played all-hardware live PA's alongside techno pioneers such as Adam X, Dan Bell, and Oliver Ho. He also began honing his studio skills and mastering analog synthesizers. Looking for a way to travel the world, Dave ventured onto a cruise ship line to perform on piano throughout the Caribbean. Driven to continue creating techno, his cabin became a chamber of creation and he made his first leaps into digital production. As he continued to refine his sound, he also began branching out from techno into minimal, house, and electro. Dave can now be found making ingenious tracks in Chicago while performing live PA's and DJing in Chicago and beyond. Dave's wide musical knowledge and studio skills make him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, and his live PA's and DJ sets are ready for the next level. With his recent release, "Into the Twilight," on Klectik featuring a remix by Camea, Powers continues to advance as an artist. With several hot releases planned for the remainder of 2008, Dave Powers is set to make his mark on the global electronic music scene! Lavamatic [Chicago] Lavamatic (aka Jeffrey Weeter) is a composer and video artist who has worked extensively with choreographers, filmmakers, poets, playwrights and video and performance artists. Recent endeavors include the live video/music collaborations Fire and Ice, PowerPoint, Lavamatic and work with Virgil Moorefield and Mark Cartwright.