Drop Beats Not Bombs 5 Pre-Election Special

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    Courtyard Marquee: Tumbledown Chad Jackson Cut La Roc Rockstar Records SLACKERS DELIGHT Softly FUNMENTAL Nation DISORIENTALIST CARPETFACE Globalizer.org THE RUB (Electronic set) SWITCH Tumbledown Pool Marquee: Trigger... Electro/Breaks KRADDY Refiner Records (USA) JNR HACKSAW (Live) Bass Behaviour SONZ OF MECHA Mechanoise LAWGIVERZ (Live) Botchit Breaks KOSMIKNEIL IYTAL Trigger Residents NOBODY Medicine Bar: Broken Minds A Guy Called Gerald MC NAVIGATOR PCM (Live) PHASE 2 DJ ALPHA TNT VYTOL SWERVE plus SPECIAL GUEST MC The Kitchen: Heducation DJ RUBBISH MYLZ ANGEL + DYMOND STX UNPEOPLE (Live PA) MIKEE LAZY TAHARKA (Live PA) Old Library: Resurrection vs. Anarchy SHAUN WALSH Resurrection DAVE TIMMS Anarchy Marc Henry Resurrection MATT 'MAXI' BROWN Anarchy Theatre: Birmingham [email protected] Cinema FILM SHORTS SPOKEN WORD MUSIC JAMS and IMPROMPTU DISCUSSIONS Upstairs Med Bar: Jibbering Records RAFIKI TANGIWIZI JAM JAH MR MUZ MC BOOZA AND FRIENDS Throughout the entire site stunning live visuals will be provided by the worlds best VJ crews as the culmination of the AVIT05 festival.
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  • Drop Beats Not Bombs is not a clubnight. It is not a dance event. It is not a party. It is a conscious effort to make ourselves heard. It is a thought. It is a belief. It is a means of demonstrating our disillusionment with politicians, governments, control systems. Over 50 artists showing their support for the UK's biggest not-for-profit political club event