Bloc Launch Part 2: London

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    Room 1 – TECBLOC: Techno:Acid:Electro Phuture 303 [trax/music man] Billy Nasty [tortured/electrix] Radioactive Man [rotters golf club/fabric] Luke's Anger - LIVE [don't/bonus round] Synapse - LIVE [colony/bass gun] Room 2 – BASSBLOC: Dubstep:2step:Jungle Skream [FWD/tempa] Appleblim [skull disco] Reso [urban graffiti] Subeena [immigrant recordings] Bracket [rag&bone] Rebel Intelligence, Plex and BLOC DJs
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  • Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the BLOC... The second night of BLOC 09 launch parties is an all-nighter at a former warehouse in the East End of London. Join Phuture 303 (LIVE from Chicago, the original creators of acid house), the BLOC gentlemen selecta's and however many other half-crazed knuckleheads get swept off the Eurostar and into the dance. It's a next-level lineup and a weekend to remember. Get Eurostar'd up, attend both parties, be able to look your grandchildren in the eye and tell them you were there for the BLOC 09 international launch weekend. LOVE > POWER > RESPECT > ADMIRATION to the international BLOC launch crew. These parties are to launch the 3rd BLOC electronic music festival to be held in 2009. Stay glued to your screens for further info.
  • Bloc Launch Part 2: London - Flyer front
    Bloc Launch Part 2: London - Flyer back