Cocoon on the Terrace - All Day/All Night

  • There are few words which can do this party justice. The worlds biggest and most iconic Techno brand lands at the UK's largest indoor/outdoor dance space for an all day/all night terrace party of epic proportions. There will be street food, coconut stalls (cocoonconuts?), alchopuppies and loads more to create a very special atmosphere for the faithful...but those lovely extras are just an aside. This one will be an unforgettable musical journey in a very unique setting. And in the end that's all that ever really matters The line up represents one which die hard fans of the label will truly appreciate and includes a great mix of Cocoon legends like Burkhardt and Illario Alicante as well as the always awesome Martinez, the unrivaled Dorian Paic and newer wave label star Dana Ruh. Just to top things off we also have a warm up set from local talent Jack & I, better known as resident and co founder of London institution Art of Dark. Surely one of this Summers highlights!
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