Tonrec Events feat. Oliver Koletzki

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  • It sounds like a fairy tale. In 2005 29-year old Oliver Koletzki presses 500 copies of his underground hit „Der Mückenschwarm“. One of those white labels lands in Sven Väth’s record bag and whenever he plays the track, the people go wild. Shortly after that Mr. Väth signs the track for a release on his techno empire Cocoon with remixes by David K, Olivier Berger, Pig & Dan und Dominik Eulberg. But one would be fooled to think that this was the start of Oliver’s musical career. Since he was 12 years old, Oliver Koletzki has been deeply infected with the production of music. He starts out by programming Hip-Hop beats on the C64, but quickly falls in love with more electronic sounds like Breakdance and Synthie-Pop that he produces on the first Amiga computers. When he turns 18, he also starts to DJ in his hometown of Braunschweig and quickly becomes a regular DJ in the local clubs. In 2000 he decides to move to Berlin to study music and the excessive Berlin nightlife. He promptly lands himself DJ gigs in smaller clubs and bars, but with the release of his first record, things change for the better. In the summer of 2005 he starts to play festivals, gets booked into the most prestigious clubs around the world and gets asked to remix the likes of Rockers Hi-Fi, Client or Cassius. However, while superstardom is lurking around every corner, Oliver stays down to earth: “I have been making music for nearly twenty years now. That provides me with a stable base for not going nuts. Basically, I am still doing the same that I have been doing for years now: making music during the week and playing out on the weekends, even if it is on a slightly different level now.” In October 2005, while still riding on the success of his debut single, Oliver directly realises one of his dreams: to have his own label. He founds Stil vor Talent, a label dedicated to pushing new artists and creating a platform for a huge variation of quality electronic dance music. “From the beginning I wanted to give people the same chance that I’ve had and offer them a platform to release their music. However: the quality of the music is above everything else. Firstly, I have to like it”, Oliver comments on the philosophy of his first label. And he is a workaholic. He spends hours and hours listening to demo tracks and goes out to see people play live in small clubs. Up until now, Stil vor Talent can look back on 13 releases, the next one being Oliver Koletzki’s highly anticipated debut album. And there is a good reason why he is releasing his album “Get Wasted” on his own label: “With this album I could not get stuck in any compromises. This is 100% my sound and the only way to release it the way it is, was to put it on my own label Stil vor Talent”. In the spring of 2006 Stil vor Talent releases the compilation EP “Talente mit Stil”, which aims at showcasing many newcomers. One of them is Florian Meindl with his track “Wireless Funk”. A few more releases down the line, Oliver and Florian decide to work together and found their own label: Flash Recordings. It is mainly born out of the idea to have a platform to release all the music they have working on. “We had so many great tracks, that we just didn’t want to give to other labels. Therefore Flash Recordings is firstly a label that Florian and me can release our music on. In the future though, we also to plan to have some more established artists such as Daso releasing on it, too.” Sound-wise Flash Recordings has a clear definition: a new and tough breed out of minimal and electro or, as Oliver likes to call it, “New German Techno”. In 2007 Oliver Koletzki is not only releasing his first album, but he will also be busy presenting it around the world. Together with his old friend and music partner Kai Kurve he will do his first live act showcasing the album. In the winter a Flash Recordings showcase is planned that includes some live action by Koletzki & Meindl. If this was not enough to keep Oliver busy, he has far greater plans for the future. “I want to run my two labels successfully and keep on releasing quality music. But my own music is obviously the most important thing to me. I want to produce even more. There are still so many tracks that have to be written and be heard by people out there.�
  • Tonrec Events feat. Oliver Koletzki - Flyer front