Glitch Vol. 3 Redux: Eiliyas, Reverse Bullets, Notstandskomitee, Hamster, Marialuisa Capurso

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    ReVerse Bullets, Eiliyas, Notstandskomitee, Hamster & Marialuisa Capurso
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  • Perfect Entropy Productions' GLITCH returns to Berlin - trippier, heavier, weirder, stronger, and now GMO free. Expect the unexpected . . . ABOUT: "GLITCH - the chasm between the dance and the trance . . . The transmutation on the path from birth to rebirth . . . The spark from darkness to light . . . The only way out is through and the only salvation is the GLITCH – a monthly series of daring Sonic Artists, A/V acts, and Live Cinema performances curated by Perfect Entropy Productions TIME/COST: Eintritt: 2200 uhr 3€ before 0000 - 5€ after ARTIST INFO: EILIYAS (USA/DE) Eiliyas is a Berlin-based artist/curator working with experimental video, music, creative writing, new media, visual art, public art, composition and conceptual digital art. Sound, video, synchronicity, broken technology, idealism, pen, paper, pencil, ink, 80's-90's hip-hop production equipment, song, simplicity, layers, life, environment, and other are just some of the tools that Eiliyas uses to execute his artistic endeavors. REVERSE BULLETS (USA/DE) *KLAAS VON KARLOS SOLO A/V SET* Klaas von Karlos (born: Jon-Carlos Evans) is the founder/frontman of audiovisual collective of ReVerse Bullets and curator of the GLITCH series. He is a filmmaker, AV artist, and writer currently based in Berlin and born somewhere between the black hole and the supernova on the Mississippi River in Saint Louis. He holds a BA in Film Production from Webster University-Saint Louis and a MFA in Media Arts Production from The City College of New York. . His previous films and audiovisual works have garnered awards and screened at such festivals as the Honolulu Film Festival, Visionfest NYC, Mexico International Film Festival, Asian-American International Film Festival, Bideodromo Festival for Experimental Video, amongst others. In 2014, he released his solo noise-dub EP "Re†urn of the Jackal," following his participation in the CTM/Transmediale Hacklab. Currently, he is the final stages of completing his Canon USA sponsored debut feature film, “All Tomorrow’s Children," preparing two new collaborative music releases, and is in the early stages of the sophomore ReVerse Bullets A/V album. NOTSTANDSKOMITEE (DE) Notstandskomitee began as Electro-Industrial side project to Das Kombinat in 1991, developing an unique style of IDM working with all kinds of electronics, from analogue via digital to software-based systems. Malte Steiner started with electronic music in 1983 and had projects such as Nebelhorn and Moderne Fabrikanten before. His regular audiovisual performances are executed with custom software. Member in Projects Elektronengehirn, Das Kombinat, Akustikkoppler and Restlichtverstaerker. Working as media artist, sound designer and software developer in Berlin, Germany. Notstandskomitee has six earlier works without counting the cassette releases. The album "Age Of Graphene" is out currently on the New York Label AVA: HAMSTER (IS/DE) Hamster is a DJ and producer haling from the weird underground scene of Jerusalem, a city which carries such a heavy weight that even soft music played there must have some bite. Having settled in Berlin a year ago, Hamster is crafting sets ridden with strange electronic music to fit strange moods - from UK Garage through abstract techno to IDM. MARIALUISA CAPURSO (IT) INFO COMING
  • Glitch Vol. 3 Redux: Eiliyas, Reverse Bullets, Notstandskomitee, Hamster, Marialuisa Capurso - Flyer front