Be presents Ipso Facto & Stricken City

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    Main Room: Ipso Facto (live) Stricken City (live) The Lovely Jonjo DJ David H DJ Non-Stop Electric Cabaret in South Gallery: Miss Vicky Butterfly Bioux
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  • LIVE IPSO FACTO Brilliant London-based girl group Ipso Facto bring their monochrome psychedelica to Be for the first time. Citing Can as their main influence, they definitely have something unique about them. “They’ve taken the snarl, the curled top-lip of early Elastica and married it to a clever gutter-punk twirl that’s far more Banshees’n’Britpop-brilliant than it is Faris-rotten”, says NME commenting about the recurrent Horrors reference that glues to the ladies, mainly because of their common stylised inclination for all things black and white - hair, clothes, complexion. Playing Glastonbury or the Underage Festival, their show at Be will be their only non-festival appearance this summer! STRICKEN CITY Stricken City play reverby pop songs lingering on lovers and tramps jumping between places and pictures... Fronted by the indestructible Rebekah Raa, they continue to win hearts, minds, legs, feet and necklines all around town. An early show at Be as support to Mystery Jets last year promised great things to come. A winter of dreams and structured play has bourne fruit with the stunning new video for 'Tak o Tak', a free EP download, and a limited edition 7" set to be released on the ever vigilant ACTH Recordings on 28th July. DJ THE LOVELY JONJO The Lovely Jonjo has been DJing for six years, though it really kicked off for him when Erol Alkan made him a resident at the legendary Trash at The End every Monday night, which made Jonjo an icon of the indie clubbing scene. He is now still a resident at Durrr, where he has flourished, taking the mantle and helping define the new night’s identity. You can find also find him spinning the best fresh independent music in all the finest places such Modular parties, Trailer Trash, and, of course, Be! Plus music from your resident host David H playing New Wave, Electro and Disco in The Main Room. Be presents The Non-Stop Electric Cabaret in The South Gallery, a Rock n Roll burlesque featuring the exquisite Miss Vicky Butterfly and this week's guests. DJ Bioux provides the perfect musical accompaniment to the evenings performances, spinning a potent mix of 50s Garage, Sleaze and Exotica. All hosted in the brand spanking new Proud Galleries. Reservations: [email protected]
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