The Mexican Death Disco

  • †Bored of partying with the Living?† We have heard rumours the Mexicans live it up on the other side so this Halloween Mad Ferret Productions, Percolate and Tessellate will be taking you on a journey into the depths of the Afterlife, to party with the our deceased amigos. Your adventure starts in Hackney Wick but we will ensure a smooth transcendence into the Mexican underworld with an open air ritual not to be missed. † † † DISC JOCKEYS FROM THE BEYOND † † † Heading up the show and hailing all the way from Chicago USA is Chez Damier, undoubtedly one of the all time godfathers of house music. Ever present on the scene since it’s inception, Chez has a rich heritage which has seen him managing the legendary KMS record label and studio, to starting his own label, Perscription, alongside Ron Trent which has been widely credited with pathing the way for the Deep House genre as we know it today. To those who have seen him perform Chez needs no introduction, to those who haven’t you’re in for a Halloween treat. Bringing those spooky Halloween vibes to the table are deep crate dwellers Dungeon Meat, AKA Brawther and Tristan Da Cunha. A recent project by the duo specialising in raw, powerful, sleazy & stripped down club tracks we couldn’t think of a better act to bring the atmosphere for the occasion. Our final act for the evening is Dutch up and comer Frits Wentink, who’s meteoric rise shows no signs of slowing down. With some of the hottest releases of the year so far, there are many in the industry making comparisons to the recent rise of Detroit Swindle, including the guys themselves. All of our residents will be throwing in their best tricks and treats together for this very special show so expect things to be moving from the very beginning of the show. † † † JOURNEY TO THE OTHER SIDE † † † ___Courtyard - The Burning Your journey to the other side starts in the enormous courtyard where the demons shall be exorcised with group ritual and burning, to ensure a safe passing. There will also be communal feeding stations for those in need of sustenance before they progress. ___Level 1 - The Alter Rise into the first level of the afterlife, expect to be greeted by a kaleidoscopic fiesta suited only to those who had lived an colourful life. A giant alter will play host to our esteemed guests in the underworld and high priest Chez Damier. ___ The Dungeon For those of a naughty disposition continue your journey. Crawl into the ancient aztec realm of the Jaguar, fed only by Dungeon Meat's beats. ___ Room 101 Finally a secret room for only the bravest of souls. Explore hard enough you wont come back.... † † † EXTRAS † † † Food Stations - Experience the the taste of heaven with the chilli hell fire at our latin american food stalls. Giant piñatas - there is no better way to get into the Mexican party spirit than beating a sweet filled donkey with a stick. Spectacular happenings - expect the unexpected throughout the night † † † DRESS CODE FOR SAFE PASSAGE † † † As visitors in the afterlife we are going to have to fit in. 1. Cover your face. Paint your self up, slip on a mask or cut off your head. The dead do not take kindly to a fresh face. 2. Think Mexican We will be visiting the mexican quarter of the spirit world. Don flowers, sombreros or carry a pack of Doritos, anything to appease the locals. Best dressed will be rewarded by Chez Damier, our master of ceremonies.
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