Klubnacht - Electric Deluxe Nacht

  • Großes Techno-Gipfeltreffen im Berghain: Zeitgeber ist das gemeinsame Projekt von Speedy J und Lucy. Obwohl sie jeweils aus einer anderen Technogeneration stammen, sind sie sich in ihrem vorausdenkenden Anspruch und ihrer Avantgarde-Haltung einig. Ihr gemeinsames Album haben sie letztes Jahr innerhalb von einer Woche eingespielt; es zeigte sie als forschende Klangkünstler, die die Möglichkeiten von immer-noch-Clubmusik extrem weit ausloten. Das Konzept von Zeitgeber ist es, ohne Probe, ungeplant und komplett improvisiert aufzutreten – wir dürfen also gespannt sein, was die zwei heute Nacht bei uns veranstalten werden. Mit Sawlin und Subjected gibt es außerdem noch einen Live-Act zweier ansonsten solo agierender Producer. In der Panorama Bar spielt wiederum der Pole Kuba Sojka live: seine Platten auf Mathematics, Matrix oder Souliner zeigen ihn als versatilen, musikalisch gebildeten House-Produzenten, der auch vor Blasinstrumenten keine falsche Scheu zeigt. Watch out Berlin because Electric Deluxe Presents is returning once more for another patented Berghain takeover on July 5. For our third pilgrimage to the techno mecca we’ve gone all out, bringing the best of our roster together with some very special guests indeed. From the EDLX pool we’re pleased to welcome back Vault Series cohorts Sawlin and Subjected. It wasn’t that long ago we dropped the second installment of the pair’s ‘Foreign Awake’ series, a much dreamier collection of works we’ve come to anticipated from their punishing, industrial-tinged solo works – though we’re sure to see both sides on show. They’ll be joined by AnD, another recent signing who have used the label to wander down dark new trajectories. The Manchester-hailing outfit has turned brutality into an art form with their cataclysmic brand of techno. And with more of that pegged for the not-too-distant future, we suspect we’ll be treated to a forthcoming EDLX work or two. So listen carefully. Now for the special guests: from the Netherlands we’re particularly excited to have Talismann in tow. Pretty much nothing is known about this shadowy figure outside his sinister series of self-released EPs. You know the ones; they’ve been searing holes into just about every dancefloor at the hands of all the underground greats. Now the man himself is stepping up to the plate for his first Berghain appearance. It goes without saying; this is not to be missed. Then we’ve got two Berlin institutions going in for an exclusive back-to-back session. Former dubstepper turned techno all-star Cosmin TRG will be facing off with Dial stalwart Efdemin. This is just one of four shows planned this year so make sure you catch our one. If you’ve been keeping up with either of them, you’ll know both artists can work a Panoramabar crowd just as well as the Berghain floor. Expect the unexpected and you won’t be disappointed. Finally EDLX chief wraps up the bill, tonight playing in tandem with Stroboscopic’s own Lucy as Zeitgeber. Keeping things still relatively underground, this is one of the project’s rare outings, which last took Movement Detroit by storm. Berghain is a second home for both these techno veterans but its another first-time appearance for Zeitgeber. You shouldn’t need any more persuading now. You know what to do.
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