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    Strobocop (Kalk Pets/ Karaoke Kalk) DeWalta LIVE! (Meander / Vakant / Kalk Pets) Dualmotorik (Pollerwiesen / Pool) Jackie Treehorn (Club Med / ZMF Berlin)
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  • Its new, its fresh, its da h-y-p-e! The second issue of the brandnew "Club Med" party series located at the moment in Berlins underground institution Möbelfabrik (zmf) is focussing on deep and groovy, sophisticated yet dancefloor oriented house and techno. The november issue features a real connaisseur of the scene, or to say the scenes, as having contributed mayor parts to both the Cologne and Berlin techno movements over the last decades: Strobocop. The releases of Strobocops label Kalk Pets are cutting edge and for everyone who has ever heard his sets in Panoramabar or Bar25 knows that he has the groooove. The other highlight of the night is our liveact! We are happy to have DeWalta, a fresh face to the scene, having released a fulminant record on Vakant earlier this year. We look forward to his fine, intelligent and driving liveset. Support comes from Cologne based Dualmotorik, part of the infamous Pollerwiesen-team and from Jackie Treehorn, the Club Med resident. The visual beats come from VJ Pixelfestival. Needless to say: we are in it for the music, it has to be pure and deep, thats our conviction and we are only happy if you d-a-n-c-e!
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