One. presents Gaiser & Exercise One

  • Lost Souls & Summertime Global bring you the return of... Proudly presenting... GAISER live [m-nus] EXERCISE ONE live [Mobilee Records] Supported by... ANTONY DIFRANCESCO [Lost Souls] CHRIS STANFORD [Lost Souls] DARIO BURELLI [Lost Souls] MIKE KHOUREY [Lost Souls] THE MINIMALISTS CARTMAN [Summertime Global] Plus more to be announced!! ----------- *After the success of the first One. in June which saw over 1,200 people squeeze into Unit 7. An intense gathering of techno fans, a period of time spent that one could only describe as rave!! One. is back for the second chapter of this series of events, this time with two extremely creditable acts. Both in their own right, well respected on the worldwide techno scene. Both acts boasting massive discographies on undoubtedly, some the biggest labels in this ever growing genre. Firstly you have Gaiser probably best known for his releases on minimal maestro and techno icon, Richie Hawtins infamous "m-nus" label. Then you have Exercise One, who have been a big part of, queen of deep; Anja Schneider's success with an armful of releases on her Berlin based Mobilee Records. Surely anyone who has been slightly intrigued by minimal techno and its makers of recent years, will be some what aroused by what we have in store for 26th July. Curious party heads should take notice also as this is not One. to be missed... This is One. £8 ADVANCE TICKETS: Info emails: [email protected] [email protected] ----------- Biogs... GAISER: Following a string of finely crafted releases on Minus and Resopal (as Fraktion), GAISER has rapidly become one of the most exciting and sought after producers of his generation. With an instinctive feel for the intricate mechanics of minimalist sound sculpture, his music contains the perfect balance between rhythmical energy and sonic finesse. Just check out tracks like 'Egress' from his first Minus EP or his classic remix of Troy Pierce’s 25 bitches. Growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Gaiser spent most of his teenage weekends staying with his older brother in Detroit, hanging out with friends and going to gigs. He’d grown up listening to punk and played drums in a few different punk bands but around the age of 14, he attended a techno event for the first time. Richie Hawtin was at the controls and Jon was completely blown away by the energy of the music and fascinated by the originality of the sounds being used. It was so new and fresh to him as a musician that he needed to figure out how this music was made, so he quit the bands and began collecting drum machines, synths and fx units, finally moving to Detroit upon graduating from high school. For the next few years, if he wasn’t at home patiently programming his machines and perfecting his studio skills, he could be found digging through crates of vinyl at a place called Record Time in Detroit. Plus 8 had an office in the back of the building, so it wasn’t long before he became friends with Tim Price, Clark Warner and the rest of the crew and from this chance meeting he has developed into an integral part of the Minus family. It’s not hard to see why. His natural energy and rhythm are clearly responsible for the irresistible drum patterns that drive his productions forward but it’s also the subtleties - the delicate melodies and dramatic changes in atmosphere that give his sound such a distinctive edge. Music has always been in his blood, his early punk rock exploits counter-balanced by the more considered approach needed to learn piano and symphonic percussion and by drawing on these earlier experiences, he has avoided the genre’s more self-referential clichés. On top of his prolific studio output, Gaiser has spent much of 2006/ 2007 touring Europe, the US and Japan, and 2008 promises to be even busier as demand for his live set grows. What stands out about his performances is his ability to make an immediate connection with the audience, soaking up the vibe and playing according to their reactions. He’s a musician who lives off his instincts, channelling his moods and emotions directly into his computer, translating new experiences and sensations into sound. There simply is no other way. EXERCISE ONE: One is the loneliest number unless you're talking about Exercise One, the Berlin duo of Marco Freivogel and Ingo Gansera. Proprietors of the Lan Muzic label and frequent contributors to Anja Schneider's mobilee imprint, the two are quickly becoming recognized as key figures in Berlin's rapidly revitalizing techno movement and as representatives of the scene's enduring communal spirit. After meeting through jobs at !K7, the two soon began working together in a basement studio in Kreuzberg, where they shared the space with a rowdy crew of noisemakers Luciano, Memo and, for a time, Jeremy P. Caulfield. It was Caulfield who kick started Exercise One's career when, after hearing one of their early live sets, he encouraged them to send out demos. Shortly thereafter, they released their first 12" record, "Roll With You," including a Jeremy P. Caulfield remix, on Mofa Schallplatten. In 2005, Exercise One launched Lan Muzic. Its debut release, the Kitchentools EP, included tracks by Exercise One and Memo alongside a Luciano remix; the record quickly found its way into discerning DJs' boxes everywhere. Anja Schneider supported the project on her Radio Fritz show and then invited them to record for her own label. The Easy Things EP, featuring a Duplex 100 remix, became mobilee's fourth release. In a very short time, Exercise One have gone on to remix Sweet N Candy and Peter van Hoesen, collaborate with Italy's Donato Dozzy, and release two more singles: the Debaya EP (mobilee) and the 12 Years EP (Lan Muzic). With appearances at summer festivals like Melt!, Fusion and Bittersweet, and acclaimed gigs like mobilee's pre-Sónar 2006 showcase, Exercise One's live reputation is growing. While many computer-oriented artists vainly attempt to recreate studio productions in a live context, Exercise One work the other way around, jamming and improvising for hours on end, then editing the results into tight, focused tracks that never lose their sense of spontaneity. Over rhythms alternately supple and spiky, Exercise One layer hypnotic bass lines and twisting sequences. Favouring the long view, they let their tracks stretch out, covering massive musical distances in a single easy bound. Informed by minimal, their music nonetheless refuses to hold back. They're tricksters, no doubt, switching up downbeats and rolling out melodies like lopsided marbles, but it's all in good fun: every game is a gift that keeps on giving. £8 ADVANCE TICKETS: Info emails: [email protected] [email protected] MORE INFO TO FOLLOW... ************************************************************** ****FREE AFTER PARTY @SECRET LOCATION**** A VERY, VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST!!!!
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