Benefit present: Hnny

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    HNNY Benefit DJ's
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  • Breaking into the underground house scene with his smash hit “For The Very First Time”, released on Local Talk in 2013, HNNY (Johan Cederberg) has since become quite the golden boy amongst old school house music enthusiasts. 2013 saw the release of a handful of sure shot house anthems, upbeat 90's stomper "Yearning”, as well as the darkened, intensified "Tears" (Both on Local Talk) have solidified HNNY as one of the most prominent pioneers of underground dance music in the recent months. "Put HNNY in a DJ booth and you’ll hear an expertly mixed set of underground club music new and old, with fond memories of the old school and a steady gaze set on the future of dance music." What is Benefit?: Benefit is a collective of friends who as of May 2014, have teamed up, showcasing to you some of our favourite musical artists from around the world. Benefit aims to be more than just another club-night, and will focus on emphasising the strange, artistic and creative aspects of Dublin's nightlife.
  • Benefit present: Hnny - Flyer front