Opus x Audiorama

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    Konrad Black (Wagon Repair / Minus / CAN) Fernando Costantini (tINI & The Gang) Sjef Wanders (Nurvous Records) RAPH (Fuse) Moritz (Drum Robot MR-808) Vice De Vice (Dreamachine)
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  • OPUS & AUDIORAMA join forces to offer you the best experience for your eyes & ears in a brand new venue in Brussels city centre !! Installation / performance / visuals arts curated by OPUS MORITZ presents Drum Robot MR-808 VICE DE VICE presents Dreamachine Music curated by AUDIORAMA KONRAD BLACK (Wagon Repair / Minus / CAN) FERNANDO COSTANTINI (tINI & The Gang) SJEF WANDERS (Nurvous Records) RAPH (Fuse) Supported by Epaulé Jeté www.epaulejete.be
  • Opus x Audiorama - Flyer front