Geradehaus with Tim Sweeney and Matt Karmil

  • Two and a half hours. Repeated steadily week after week and broadcasted all over the globe. That, an extended contact book reaching every corner and every scene that matters -or will matter- and a bullet proof taste for good music, is what it takes to raise a brand as recognisable and respected as Beats In Space. Alongside Intergalactic FM, BIS is one of the few radio institutions that every DJ, promoter and music aficionado should be aware of. His own live mixes and a carefully curated selection of guests -a balanced mixture of New York’s greatest living legends, international players and exciting newcomers- have established Tim Sweeney as one of the most influential tastemakers around. His visit to Geradehaus will be an excellent opportunity to experience in your own flesh and bones whatever the man has been into on the lasts months. Matt Karmil, one of the brightest signings of Sweeney’s ever expanding label roster, will help us round up a BIS-centric soiré. With an excellent release on Sweeneys' imprint, superb remix efforts and a magnificient debut album on Cologne’s finest PNN, Matt Karmil will demonstrate why he’s one of the artists to look out for right now. Escorting both Beats In Space representatives, Hivern Discs’ ambassadors Dani R. Baughman and JMII, and the always-ready-to-rumble couple formed by Moon & Mann, will be tweaking knobs and spinning records to ensure that the nights ends as it deserves: with a procession of smiles and exhausted dancers going back home -or wherever the action is taking place next-.
  • Geradehaus with Tim Sweeney and Matt Karmil - Flyer front
    Geradehaus with Tim Sweeney and Matt Karmil - Flyer back