Network: Blacknecks, Sunil Sharpe + Simon Conway

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    Blacknecks (Bleaching Agent + MPIA3 / Truss) Sunil Sharpe Simon Conway For almost a year their identity was shrouded in mystery. Two UK garage producers who had previously enjoyed Top 40 success?? This narrowed it down just a bit but considering the racket exacted on their first five 12" releases it was hard to imagine M.J. Cole, Artful Dodger or anyone vaguely similar being responsible. With their epic italo-referencing, hardcore infused 'To The Cosmos, Let's Go!' having just become an unlikely crossover hit, Blacknecks' subsequent debut (and now infamous) gig at Birmingham techno institution House Of God in February soon revealed all. The two members were in fact a Welshman and a Scotsman, the seasoned techno producers better known as Truss and Bleaching Agent. With news also filtering out that Blacknecks will soon disband as a label, and we're guessing as a live act too, we couldn't let the opportunity slip to summon them to Dublin immediately. On May 16th at The Grand Social, Network present what will so far be only Blacknecks' second live appearance. Support on the night comes from Sunil Sharpe and Simon Conway. More on Blacknecks:
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