Toys with Dauwd & Trikk

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    Dauwd [Kompakt, Ghostly International, Pictures] Trikk [Hypercolour, Pets, ManMakeMusic] CutOff!CutOff! [TOYS, Blank, Exposure Music] ASA 808 [TOYS, Blank, Yarn]
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  • take off your shoes. make yourself at home. dance with us and let us praise our new lords and saviors, trikk, dauwd, midland, lando, george fitzgerald, leon vynehall, dense & pika, redshape and tom demac, who saved our souls from conservative club cardinals and testosterone overdosed high school dubstep shittery. this party places all our saints in a number of torrid settings and allows you to jump and shake for your own cantilevered satisfaction while groovy fashionable tracks unfold. a swinging tribute to the unrestrained human anatomy, a divine service in a dimly lit post-modern church of pulsating indulgence. Join the Facebook Event: Listen to the TOYS Mix Series: Listen to Dauwd's & Trikk's latest releases:
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