Need2soul 10 Year Anniversary

  • Need2soul Turn 10!!!! S.A.T (Sydenham. AYBEE. Trent) A simple dinner in Berlin transforms into a studio session, which in turn evolves into a track, which sets the spark for what has now materialized as one of the most highly anticipated albums of late. These were the forces which turned a casual evening into an artistic crossroads for Jerome Sydenham (Ibadan Records), AYBEE (Deepblak Recordings), and Ron Trent (Prescription/Future Vision Records). S.A.T short for Sydenham AYBEE, and Trent brings together the creative energies of three of underground dance music's notable stalwarts. Jerome Sydenham long sinced etched into dance music history with his iconic NY based Ibadan Records responsible for some of the most memorable tunes of the last 20 years from a list of Kerri Chandler, Joe Claussell, Dennis F. and many many others. Ron Trent another legendary icon whom's distinguished discography spans 20 plus years, and whose Prescription label also sits atop the pantheon of dance music's most esteemed imprints. AYBEE a Trent discovery in 2001 has since gone on to establish himself as one of the most critically acclaimed, and forward pushing producers of the last plus decade with his Deepblak imprint producing a genre defiant, labeless sound that continues break new ground in electronic spectrum. With the mood in the Sydenham's Berlin studio loose, and organic the trio set out to produce an album full of the elements they love about the dancefloor experience. After three weeks of literally living in the studio the S.A.T album has emerged. Set for release late summer 2014 on Ibadan Records keep your ears posted for what is sure to be one the most memorable projects to surface in recent years. POINT G There is a no-nonsense quality to the sound of Point G, where raw drum lines and weighty bass meet with edgy atmospherics with a pure club intention in mind. It's no surprise then that the relationship between Gregory's studio work and his live shows is a close-knit one. Since reigniting the project in 2013, Point G Live has been an in-demand international booking, starting a creative cycle that finds Gregory's freshest productions fuelling his live set before feeding back into the lab for the next round of tracks. MARCELLUS PITTMAN In 1993 Detroit native Marcellus 'Malik' Pittman released his initial work of production with local Hip-Hop collective 'Home Grown'. Shortly thereafter, he released "Essential Selections, Vol. 1" on the Sound Signature label, headed by Theo Parrish. In 1998, Malik forged a working relationship with Rick Wilhite, Theo Parrish and Kenny 'Moodymann' Dixon, collectively known as the 3 Chairs. As production artists and selectors, they have helped to define an integral part of the Detroit sound. Malik's sound has been around the Detroit and surrounding areas, as well as internationally, spanning Canada, the UK, Germany, Japan and Paris. His dedication to production ushered the discontinuation of his latest residency with Northern Lights in Detroit. Malik is currently heading his own label, Unirhythm, which will release his upcoming projects. PHIL ASHER Undoubtedly one of the UK's most prolific dj/producers and has been indispensable to the progressive musical landscape over the past 15 years. Phil has completed well in excess of 200 of his own productions, as well as innumerable remixes. From his first gig at Legends and London's first House club Delirium in 1991 (slipping on a record when Noel Watson went to the toilet) to more recent gigs at, Inspiration Information, and Soul Heaven at Ministry of Sound in London, Phil has played the length and breadth of the UK, as well as, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Brazil, Japan, Canada, United States, New-Zealand and Australia. Surrounded by music and records from an early age his Dad worked at Harlequin records, bringing home all the latest releases to a young and eager Phil. SOULMATES Soulmates is one of the few nights in London where you get to hear real soulful underground house music month after month. It's all about the music, the crowd, the family and the unique sounds supplied by residents Rap Saunders and Dennis Christensen.
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