Pogo: Culture Shock 1st Birthday Party - Xosar (Live) & Point G (Live)

  • We're delighted to announce the line up for our 1st birthday party at The Twisted Pepper on Saturday May 10th! It has been a truely amazing year of shows and for that, we thank you! We've tipped the hat to some of the freshest acts around over the course of the past year & with our birthday line up, we extend that hat tip even further with two Irish debuts - Xosar Live & Point G Live ! Xosars rise to prominence last year culminated with that infamous Boiler Room session from Dekmantel last Summer. If you havent seen it, you need to (check the link below). The Californian natives set up of 3 Korg Electribe sequencers, drum machines, kaos pad & whatever else she can get her hands on needs to be seen to be believed. Laptop free zone! DJ Gregory has been one of France's most omnipotent forces in underground house music scene stretching back to the '90's. His Point G alias - his first venture before his world famous, more universally recognised alias - remained a short-lived run at the time. But since re-releasing 'Underwater' on Appolonia last year, he has launched his own Point G label & focussed solely on his new sound. To much acclaim! *** A SPECIAL THANKS *** Massive thanks to everybody who has danced, sweat & smiled at our parties over the past year. Heres to many, many more :) Shout out to the DJs - Ben Klock. tINI. Raresh. Mr G. Matador. Maayan Nidam. DJ Bone. Kassem Mosse. Brawther. Hardfloor. John Roberts. Joss Moog. Barry Redsetta. Con Allen. Andy Johnston. Barry Greaves. Bang The Box. Ois Butler Doyle. Wez Baldwin. Brame. Damien Clancy. Dean McManus. Colm Brophy. Sam Kay. Doug Cooney. Phil Galvin Jr. Home DJs. Shane Linehan. Lee Kelly. Seany Bee. Cian Coburn. Maksy. Ciara Glynn. Karl Delaney. Ciaran Earls. Eoin Brennan. Tom Lowe. Louis Scully. Hamo. Brian Cairns. Jay Grogan. Rob Hatchell. Dave Kennedy. Calzone Kelly.