Samsara Sessions 01 Pres Prologue Records Showcase

  • A collaborative project between Slash Dot Dash, Individual Collective and Al Coda Presenting forward thinking Techno across 2 rooms at one of the best locations in London Room 1 - Prologue Music Mike Parker Mike Parker’s unique interpretation of techno has earned him worldwide respect. In demand and prolific, we hear his work on Prologue, Mote-Evolver, Semantica, Avian and many other prestigious electronic music labels. Mike’s own label Geophone continues to inspire after more than 16 years of production, always progressing and moving forward. His DJ sets are in constant demand. As he releases his new Prologue album “Lustrations”, we see him at the top of his game – always innovating and inspiring new generations of techno enthusiasts. Abdulla Rashim Not much is known of the mysterious character Abdulla Rashim. Being situated in Sweden and having released several records in his own imprint (Abdulla Rashim Records) and Prologue as well as a selection of remixes, Abdulla keeps both his sound and himself below the surface. Etapp Kyle Today Etapp Kyle is on threshold of a new period of creative activity in a company of notable players of global techno scene. Results of his studio work receive serious interest from truly remarkable labels.Thus his 4 track vinyl gets released on the famous Ben Klock’s Klockworks label. His music receives strong support from the most important players of the scene, channeled through soundsystems of techno festivals worldwide. Kontort Kontort is the man behind Slash Dot Dash and co founder of London based free party series, thesis. He's released music as Kontort on Toffler Music and, together with Chris Stanford, as Mirrorpress (their first release is coming soon on LDNwht). His fascination with stripped down techno coupled with seemingly endless hypnotic rhythms is present in all his work and we'll be expecting nothing less when he opens up the main room in perfect fashion. Room 2 - Individual Collective Individual Collective are back, ready to devastate room two at Corsica for their second foray into bringing the people the very best, forward thinking and diverse Techno. Headless Horseman This mysterious producer has been really cementing his place as one of the most exciting live acts in Techno. Shrouded in secrecy, his eponymous releases pretty much sum up his modus operandi: dark, raw, and rhythmic IDM flavoured Techno. His recent sets at Berghain and BolierRoom Berlin have really showcased his insurmountable skills as a producer, and rest assured, he is ready to slay the masses. We really feel he is natural suitor to our first headliner Ancient Methods(a remixer for the excellent HH04 release) Comparisons have been drawn, but the Horseman certainly has his own distinctive and inimitable style. This is his exclusive debut not just in London, but in the UK, so remember where you saw him first. Eomac As one half of Lakker, Eomac has seen seen his music grace such hallowed labels as Blueprint, R&S, The Trilogy Tapes, Candela Rising and Killekill. His solo project sees his sound keep the spirit of Lakker, but with all extra added fuzz and emotion we've come to expect from this exciting Irish talent. We are quite possibly Eomac/Lakker's biggest fans here at IC, so choosing him to come spin for us was one of the easiest decision to make. Tengui Better known as one of the co-founders of the now defunct Colony parties that ran for many years across London town, Tengui has moved to phase two of his music career. Another exclusive, we'll be treated to his all-new, live-x-DJ set, leading into his full debut album for Broken20 later this year. This guy really has got it all, and we're really looking forward to hearing what he has in store for us all. Colony(alongside Plex) has been one of the foremost direct influences in why we started Individual Collective. These parties have showed us that you can bring diverse, underground music, without ever compromising integrity. Much like Headless Horseman and Eomac, Tengui was another natural choice for our party, as we know he shares our, and we're almost certain, your vision for Techno. Billy Allen Candela Rising label head and Individual Collective resident Billy Allen is back, ready to lay down his impeccable selection of music for you once more. A real DJ's DJ, Billy is a true pioneer of forward thinking Techno music and definitely a talent behind the turntables. Room two just isn't ready for what he has in store for it's powerful system. Keylen Individual Collective resident Keylen will be opening up room two in preparation for it's onslaught. Expect the unexpected with a Keylen set, a true vinyl warrior and passionate about experimentation within the Techno sound, we're certain his set will expertly underpin the diverse sounds expected from our exciting second event.
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