Holeandcorner - Hot Chip Dj's, Matthew Dear, Henry Saiz Live, Guy J, Cosmin TRG, Xosar

  • Two of Australia’s leading touring agencies, Illusive and Funf, will collaborate to create HOLEANDCORNER – a new boutique electronic music series which is designed to offer an unexpected experience. Illusive and Funf Touring will join forces for the launch of a unique travelling indoor dance event that is spread over 2 huge nights in Melbourne and Sydney. Each event will infuse the flavour of its mother city to recreate something familiar, yet different. Over Queen’s Birthday weekend in June, HOLEANDCORNER will be taking over Home Nightclub - an event which will see the club host its most varied electronic music lineup to date. In Melbourne, HOLEANDCORNER will take over the infamous Shed 14 to pay homage to the city’s well documented rave era through an event and musical program that undoubtedly compliments the venue's rich musical history. For one night only both venues will be transformed into a unique party space to present you with an experience that is exclusively HOLEANDCORNER. Meticulously prepared, immersive décor and amazing lighting installations will convert both venues into unrecognisable spaces to provide an extraordinary visceral experience. The finest sound systems will be employed across both venues and will be painstakingly calibrated and fine-tuned for the most spectacular sound experience in Australia. Whether house, techno, electronica or something in between, the line-up features a spectrum of the hottest cutting-edge electronic artists from across the globe, and the quality of these artists demands only the best in state-of-the-art sound production. HOLENANDCORNER invites you to join us for the beginning of something new. Keep an open mind - expect to broaden your horizons. Now is the time to experience something different. Stay tuned for more news and announcements very soon... ----------------------------------------------- It's okay, you weren't seen. Now, down into the hole you go. Of course, there is no way of knowing, the way in which you're going. You're deep now, you know. But soon, you'll arrive. This way, I promise. Come on through, we're all here. No one from up there can see us now. For now we're off-the-record, hidden from watching eyes. Our little secret. ------------------------------------------------
  • Holeandcorner - Hot Chip Dj's, Matthew Dear, Henry Saiz Live, Guy J, Cosmin TRG, Xosar - Flyer front