Be presents with Dragonette and Yacht

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    Main Room: Dragonette (live) Yacht (live) Mark Moore (DJ Set) David H (DJ set) Non-stop Electric Cabaret in the South Gallery: Miss Vicky Butterfly Bioux
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  • Sat 5th July - Be Presents ...Dragonette + Yacht live + Mark Moore DJ set LIVE DRAGONETTE It started with a… well, not a kiss, exactly. A festival, rather, where duo-but-not Martina and Dan met to form sardonically witty electronic pop outfit Dragonette, together with drummer Joel Stouffer and guitarist Will Stapleton. From pastiching 80s guitar songs and synthpop in their basement to their dirty, hook-heavy, electropop album, Galore (released Sept ’07 on Universal), they’ve gone a bit of a way. Who else could pride themselves of having supported none less than kings of electronic pop New Order as their second-ever show? Fronted by a dragon in stilettos and hot pants, the band is rumoured to regularly burn stages to the ground. Don’t miss their exclusive London appearance at Be! YACHT Be favourite Yacht is back on our shores and, damn, we’re very excited ! Jona Bechtolt, now sided by new member Claire L. Evans, makes anthemic power jams, play them backwards and soak them in nearly-psychedelic cherry cola. He always puts his entire heart and soul in the shows: uncluttered, inspiring sessions of damaged dance moves and synchronized crowd-waving, backed by constantly changing elements - PowerPoint presentations, audience Q&A sessions, and shamanistic video environments. After having toured with LCD Soundsystem, Architecture in Helsinki or Vampire Weekend, he’s getting ready for another live summer marathon, with shows at the O2 Wireless Festival, Creamfields or Bestival, and a warm-up at Be this week… DJ MARK MOORE Legend DJ Mark Moore’s life story could be spread on miles of pages, but we are confined to a nutshell so... Shot to fame as the driving force behind the dance/sampling pioneers S-EXPRESS with the number one hit "The Theme from S-Express", he was one of the first supporters of Chicago house music and Detroit techno in the UK and mixed it with electronic European dance music. He worked on remixes or productions with just everybody, from Billie Ray Martin to Carl Craig, William Orbit, Philip Glass, Prince, Malcolm McLaren...; ran three labels in the 90s; invited DJs such as Marc Almond, Blackstrobe, Bobby Gillespie or Asia Argento to his London nightclub Electrogogo; played Boom Box, Nag Nag Nag or Fabric in London, as well as just everywhere else in the world; and has released earlier this year new S’Express record “Stupid Little Girls” on Kitsune. Oh and the man can also act as proved his cameo role on the “French and Saunders” show... Phew. Plus music from your resident host David H playing New Wave, Electro and Disco in The Main Room. Be presents The Non-Stop Electric Cabaret in The South Gallery, a Rock n Roll burlesque featuring the exquisite Miss Vicky Butterfly and this week's guests. DJ Bioux provides the perfect musical accompaniment to the evenings performances, spinning a potent mix of 50s Garage, Sleaze and Exotica. All hosted in the brand spanking new Proud Galleries. Reservations: [email protected]
  • Be presents with Dragonette and Yacht - Flyer front