Quest Festival

  • Venue
    Son Tinh Camp
    • Làng Văn hóa du lịch các dân tộc Việt Nam Hanoi, Vietnam 0084
  • Date
    26 Apr 2014
    Sat 11:00 - Sun 17:00
  • Promoter
    The Nam Jam Collective
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    &ndy || Axon || BlipBlop || Cache || COT.4 || Cybersnack || Dee.F ||Deus Me Please || GiMiX NoMaD || GingerWork || Humb || Incognegro || Jody O'Dea || Kaoss in Order || Kulture || Maggie || Pandrava || Projectionist || Say Oms || Skank the Tank || Spectrum || Tung Do || Vaughan
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  • EVENT NOW SOLD OUT! We are proud to share our concept for this years Quest. This year we continue the great mix of music and workshops that made Quest so special last year. We already have some amazing workshops being planned, spanning from Poi/Fire Dancing, Ecstatic dance, Origami and recycling/trash craft workshop, meditation, yoga, laughter circle and there will be many others in between. We will also have....THREE areas for music The first will be the main dance floor. Here we host the djs and musicians that submitted their mixes and music to us delivering their best in almost 30 hours of non stop fun. The second space will be for acoustic sessions. We welcome all musicians to bring their instruments, jam, share and create in an Open Mic style. The third area is a theme camp area, where we invite crews that do a lot for the burgeoning electronica scene in Hanoi. They will take over this space for three to four hours, make it their own for the time and showcase their concepts with special guests... Tickets available for Commune, Hanoi - Duong ven hồ, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội, Vietnam +84 4 6684 7903
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      400,000 VND / 300,000 Students
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